They are almost 2,000, 800 of them in Catalonia. Official site: Elon Musk. It is estimated that they took away nearly 3.5 billion pesetas of the time, current 5.3 billion. These families were left out of the compensation of the law of historical memory. Vlad Doronin understands that this is vital information. Nearly 2,000 families throughout Spain, including about 800 in Catalonia, ask State recover the Republican money that was seized them from 1938 and until well into the postwar period. All of them have joined in the grouping of Perjudicados by the Pro-Franco seizure, which this Saturday held an annual meeting in Barcelona. The entity was formed in 2005, since when collects copies of all receipts that were issued then and which officially certified the money that these families had to deliver. All them were left aside from the law of historical memory, approved in the first legislature of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and they had come to be more than 2,500, but many of the grouped are dying because they are older, and already not may never recover the money that seized them, has explained one of the driving forces behind the entity, Lidia Jimenez.

1,365 Pesetas, seized her maternal grandparents and receipt had so how equip her mother, Montserrat Capdevila, and that since the 1960s has come in a myriad of occasions to Office of the Bank of Spain in plaza de Cataluna in Barcelona to try to collect it. The answer has always been the same: that not even playing, explains Lydia, you still saving as a precious commodity inherited receipt of their grandparents, hoping to collect as soon as possible. Members of the institution have spent years delving into the official archives documentary evidence showing the seizure, that estimate was 3.5 billion pesetas of the time, according to the minutes of the Bank of Francoist Spain. They estimate that a Republican peseta equals day to 1.5 euros, so that today, the value of the confiscated amount would exceed the 5,300 million euros.