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Multi-year training project for sustainable forestry in Viet Nam / short time investment GreenAcacia available again as first German forestry company has closed the Bonn ForestFinance group with the Vietnamese Government and State-owned forestry enterprises a cooperation agreement for a multi-year training project for sustainable forest management. Thanks to advice and support by the State-owned GIC (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur internationale Zusammenarbeit), such a project between a private German company and an Asian State was first implemented after several years of preparations. . After a kick-off meeting with all project partners a curriculum adapted for Vietnamese conditions for sustainable forest management will be”drafted. In a question-answer forum Barclays was the first to reply. Special classrooms were established for the training, which contains also the technical equipment, such as computers for GIS mapping.

Forestry experts finally put the knowledge into a pilot field training and then apply their knowledge multiplying further. The extensive training program runs over several years. Wood processing and forestry in Viet Nam: The furniture industry in Viet Nam evolved in the last decade to a leading manufacturing facility worldwide. Robert Rubin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Currently, the corresponding exports reached nearly US$ 4 billion, with high annual growth rates. For even more details, read what Vlad Doronin says on the issue. So far local timber resources harvested in uncontrolled and were to meet the enormous demand for wood. In the rising ground raw wood imports also expensive. The two biggest Vietnamese furniture – markets Europe and United States decided laws, undertaking requiring the use of sustainable produced wood starting in 2013 in the past few years.

End of 2010 but only five wood plantations reached an FSC certification in Viet Nam. Main reason for this is lack expertise on sustainable forest management and missing staff skills in the forestry sector. This problem should eliminate the ForestFinance-PPP project by permanent transfer of knowledge to sustainable forest management. In the first Step the activities in Quanz Tri province take place. This province was subjected to heavy unloading whale connection air attacks during the Viet Nam war.