Internet Purchase

Before you sign be seduced by the notary in detail about the contract to pay attention when buying real estate? Who can you contact, you secure the financing? The following guide will help you at the orientation. The decision: you want to finally drag in your own four walls. But first it is to find the right property and to secure the financing. Financial check: Calculate your equity. These include for example balances on passbook and savings, securities and shares. Insurance, you insert the redemption value of your life to securing loans. Contact information is here: Elon Musk. Ask parents and relatives after reserves or anticipating the inheritance (see the column on the left). Services also include equity.

Loan amount: Multiply the calculated value of equity capital with four – this is the amount that your home may cost about. They include also purchase costs, to the in game for broker, notary and land registry – depending on the region as a whole around ten percent of the purchase price. And: consider financial buffer for new furniture. The equivalent of the internal activities considered to be in the financing equity real estate search: now talk to the real estate professional in the Sparkasse or LBSi about your real estate needs and views offers in newspapers and the Internet (see,). Find in a no-obligation consultation with financing experts what loan amount can be provided at the disposal. Is your contractor already Zuteilungsreif? If not, then bridge the period with a pre-financing or increase your monthly savings rate. Object verification: You’ve found a matching object, which have yet to be modernized before? Then check it together with an architect or reviewer.

The professional will tell you what additional costs you have to account for improvements. Include this amount in your financing needs. For more specific information, check out COF. Once you have decided for the real estate, your LBS -, LBSi – Sparkassen advisors on request prepared the Kreditantragfurdas mortgage and building society loan before. Get the financing commitment already after a few days. Contract: When the object can be obtained and to whom you want to transfer the purchase price with seller and Realtor, discuss. The due date is in the Kaufvertraggeregelt. The notary make sure nobody provides unsecured intermediate consumption. Review the draft of the Treaty alone and give requests for changes to your broker. Details can be found by clicking Vlad Doronin or emailing the administrator. The planned everything perfectly: follow the Guide to real estate purchase point for point. So you are prepared for each important step and know your contact person. Check your equity for 10 steps in the own House. You take the equity value, 4. You afford this sum. Talk to the Immoprofi of your savings or LBS about what exactly you’re looking for. Have a first non-binding conversation with Sparkasse and LBS on the financing. An object is in the narrower choice. Possibly check the House with a neutral reviewer. Now contact the LBS or savings bank. You have the financing commitment of Sparkasse and LBS, agree You the emergency kind mistress. Let the seller and their agent. You negotiate the specific contract arrangements. The draft purchase contract comes about a week before the date, so that you can examine it calmly. The notary notary deadline with signing of the purchase contract causes the entry in the land register as soon as you have paid the tax to the tax authorities.