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United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention

All the participants if would compromise more effectively in mitigating the emergent climatic problems, having as more concrete consequence the emission of a document on the Convention Picture on Changes of the Climate (in English, United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention, UNFCCC). Through this document, the 190 signatory countries would recognize that the climatic changes and the effect greenhouse were the phenomena that would more seriously compromise the future of the planet. Of this form, the new politics of preservation would start to be a common responsibility to all. The signatories would have as main objective to stabilize the concentration of the generating gases of the effect greenhouse in the atmosphere, of form that these did not generate more risks for the planetary ecosystem. Argued and approved during the Conference of s and too much institutions of the civil society and for the too much multilateral institutions of promotion to the partner-economic development. Agenda 21′ ‘ to change the paradigms of the governmental politics, that would have to pass to a planning of long stated period from the recognition of that the natural resources are not infinite. He was in reason of these new conceptual conceptions that had appeared the new modalities of economic development, which would start to take in account the environment.

Also the deep changes in the objectives of the society are distinguished human being in terms of social behavior. It was deeply important, the perception of the humanity, of whom proper it could not survive will have the total exhaustion of the natural resources of the planet. E, in result of the commitments assumed during River 92, the Brazilian government developed, through the Ministries of the Planning and Budget, Environment, Science and Technology and Industry and of the Commerce, studies to incorporate the principles of the sustainable development, as considered in ' ' Agenda 21' '.

Mancha Guadalajara

The Interior tourism has grown enormously in recent years due, in large part, to the explosion of Rural tourism. I am not saying that not this kind of tourism has has developed on the Spanish coast, but where more changes has led to this growth has been in the peninsular interior (and we could also say Island interiors). Guadalajara is one of the provinces of the interior of the peninsula with greater variety of landscapes and regions to visit. They are very different the Sierra Norte, the region of Molina de Aragon, the Alto Tajo, la Campina, la Alcarria these regions have their own personality, although obviously its boundaries are unclear in many cases and they are complicated to achieve (e.g. La Alcarria, also form part of the province of Cuenca). Although all regions have its attractions and its peculiar tourist aspects, are two that receive more travelers throughout the year: is the Parque Natural del Alto Tajo and the Sierra North of Guadalajara. Although the first of them is more next to the community of Madrid, both are in a positive radius of influence, I mean that we can access easily from Madrid City in hour and a half to some of the most interesting towns, for example Tamajon and Campillo de Ranas (in the Sierra Norte) and Ocentejo (in the Alto Tajo).

Tamajon: gateway to the Black peoples of Guadalajara, also known as black architecture. In this municipality, the Virgin of los Enebrales Hermitage that has always opened its doors lies. Campillo de Ranas: one of the most representative of the black architecture villages. In recent years, various events have been held in this municipality (both company and private individuals) who come to confirm the increase in demand this type of urban environments. Ocentejo: one of the gateways to the Alto Tajo Natural Park. It is an important crossroads and is located very near Cifuentes. And finally, I recommend two very different accommodations, well connected both with the major highways and roads that cross Guadalajara, the first found in Abanades and second in El Olivar: Rural tourism in Rural Casa Guadalajara in Guadalajara related article original author and source of the article.