Web Site Accessibility

Usability is one of the most pressing issues in the field of Web site development today. The usability of a Web site is tested in its simplicity that makes it easy for people to navigate through the site as quickly as possible, so it makes access to information easier. Accessibility is a concept that is […]

Choosing A Free Blogging Site

Choosing a free blogging site Choosing a free blogging site can be overwhelming on the ground that there are so many options to select. There are several large sites for housing blogs dominate the blogosphere, but there are also smaller sites. If you decide to join a well defined or known as Blogger, or if […]

Program Green Team

So Paulo, Brazil – 01 of August of 2011? The Kaspersky Lab, leader in protection premium for endpoints and solutions of management of threats, credencia the first Platinum partners of the Program Green Team in Brazil. From this month, the peddlers Alone Network and Network Secure, who before counted on the Gold classification, had raised […]

English Companies

One remembers that its enterprise has a local impact, and that it must be sustainable in its environment. Of one it forms simpler and generic, support means ' ' not to degrade the environment and to keep it ace generations futuras' '. But to transpose these ideas for the concrete reality of the companies is […]