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Program Green Team

So Paulo, Brazil – 01 of August of 2011? The Kaspersky Lab, leader in protection premium for endpoints and solutions of management of threats, credencia the first Platinum partners of the Program Green Team in Brazil. From this month, the peddlers Alone Network and Network Secure, who before counted on the Gold classification, had raised the level of partnership to the biggest platform of the program and starts to count on benefits and exclusive awardings. With the announcement, the Kaspersky – that it acts exclusively by means of its business-oriented partners -, strengthens its commitment with the canal in the Country. The strategy of the company now is to extend the presence in the national market of security, what it will demand greaters commercial responsibilities, techniques and of marketing on the part of the partners. It enters the privileges granted for the Platinum classification, the peddlers start to usufruct of a preferential attendance in the areas of canals, daily pay-sales and marketing; participation in Annual Conferences of Partners and fruns special; right the exclusive prizes and remunerations. ' ' We looked partners with abilities to fulfill to goals and bold business-oriented plans and that they keep a commercial team and technique highly specialized and we find this in the Network Ground and the Network Secure. Both the companies had in recent years demonstrated excellent results, reaching growth of sales of up to 100%. With the comprometimento of the Platinum canals in Brazil, the Kaspersky is prepared to expand the businesses in new squares and to increase the capillarity of the net in the corporative market of great averages and empresas' ' , it affirms Maurcio Mota, manager of canals of the Kaspersky Lab in the Country. Created in 2009, the program Green Team will focar more in the qualification of the existing partners already, by means of training, with the objective to become them more competitive and ambassadors of the Kaspersky in Brazil.


It is this would reengenharia that it of processes and businesses make in the companies to reformulate its processes in order to reach the challenges that the world contemporary demands to them. Word-key: Reengenharia. Businesses. Organizations. It would reengenharia It to INTRODUCTION is one of the theories most controversial and popular of the age of the contemporary.

In the first one I capitulate we study the differences between readministrao and would reengenharia. It would reengenharia it appeared as tool to assist the companies to always remain forts front to the competition pleasing the preference of its customers, primordial citizen company to prosper it. In the definition of to some it would reengenharia it authors would be one to rethink basic for a radical reorganization of the enterprise processes aiming at to reach improvements in aspects contemporaries of the performance, such as the costs, the quality, the standard of attendance and the speed. It search would reengenharia to provide to the companies proper techniques that allow to reinventar it itself. Its basic intervention is on the organizacionais structures and adaptation. In contrast of the programs of change and development, it does not search to change the way to be of the diligent controlling and.

In contrast, it capitalizes the same attributes that had characterized the great enterprise innovators: the individualism, the autoconfiana, the propensity to accept the risk and the inclination for the change. The important one would be to free these talentos of mooring cables imposed for the current administrative systems. The main objective of the present work is to relate it would reengenharia to the processes and businesses of a financial institution, identifying to its differentials front its competitors and its qualities front its customers. For in such a way a field study will be made, where the results will be pointed.

Economic Theory

To reach objectives, the players pass for a process decomunicao intra and intergrupal, where he is demanded of all usarhabilidades as: 1. To hear, to process, to understand and to repass information; 2. To give and to receive feedback from form accomplish; 3. To disagree with courtesy, being respected the opinion of the others; 4. To adopt cooperation positions; 5.

To yield space for the colleagues; 6. To move of opinion; To treat conflitivas ideas with flexibility and neutrality. The use of games of companies if became each more present time American nasuniversidades in 1963, a study of the University of the Texasmostrou that the majority of the schools dedicated 40% of the time of the course dePoltica business-oriented to the case studies, 30% to readings and 20% to the osjogos of companies. Had to the positive results, its use extended others to it areas, arriving at Brazil with total force in the decade of 1980. The primeirosjogos that had appeared in Brazil had been translated, and the eramimportados models. Currently, already teams of professional econsultores exist developing simulator that they portray with fidedignidade Brazilian enterprise situations asprincipais. Objectives of the Games of Companies 1.

Training: to develop in the participants the ability of tomardecises through the exercise and experiences in a simulated environment, toparecido how much possible to the environment in which the same ones will have that serrealmente played; 2. Didactic: to transmit specific knowledge (knowledge, techniques and instruments) of the field of practical and experimental the Business administration of ummodo; 3. Research: using the scene propitiated for the game of companies comoum laboratory stops: to discover solutions for enterprise problems; to clarify and to test aspects of the Economic Theory; to search aspects dTeoria of the Administration and to investigate the egrupal individual behavior in conditions of taking of decisions under time pressure eincerteza; 4. Practical that they stimulate performance increases; 5.