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The Love Of The Husband Stops With The Wife

The LOVE OF the HUSBAND STOPS WITH the WIFE Natanael V. Blacksmith the most beautiful flower In the garden did not find, the star radiating In the universe did not sight, Between the rocks cultivated In the ribeiro I was to walk, and thinking I could see That I was born to love you. In the palace of a king I was invited to enter, In the firing room of the north Then I was there to rest, On the hemp finssimo my hair had so rested, Then I remembered its hands That in my hair had thus touched. Amongst thousand of maidens Between them I did not find, Somebody formosa as you That one day I contemplated, With infinite wealth could not buy you, Therefore in you the great feeling has something bigger to love. If you Ahead reward were it of battalions, In the hearts you would have Great illusions, Therefore if I was a soldier I could thus believe, That you would be loved mine and that with me she would go to live; Then thus I would fight Against many battalions, Its heart would conquer and win indetermination, the stations I can move Bringing rain and forts winds, But you are me to shelter At the most complex moments.

Choose Perfect

Its wedding is the day that the princess, and perhaps the element more important than the day is perfect (after the perfect fianc2e, by all means, to whom presumably already has made sure) is to find the dress perfect so that you use at the time special. If you or have the image of his dress in mind, or if you are open to any dress she takes hold his heart I see when it, you you can buy-and to find-the perfect dress of fianc2ee 2012 for you, to a price that can pay. To buy by type If you or have a type of dress in mind, you can specifically look for in the selection by type of dress, concentrating in the dresses that adjust to the parameters that or it had in mind. You can do you buy by the silhouette (a line, cuts empire, dress in full dress, the case, princess or siren), by the rotation (the length tea, the height of the ankle, the length of the floor, the knee, or mini), by type of train (train of cuts, train chapel, train of the cathedral, and others), (classic, sophisticated and of the sort modern, and others), by type of weave (of sateen, taffeta, she organizes gauze, tul, among others), or by the color, because although a fianc2ee is not " necesaria" in order to dress target if she chooses not to do it. What style elements that you have in mind for his own dress, the search by categories can be looked for in agreement with those ideas, or be used to prove some different ideas as you imagine your dress and your day. Store for the body Part to find the perfect dress of fianc2ee, by all means, is to find the fianc2ee dress who will be itself perfect in you. Another approach to the search of the selection of the Short Dresses of Fianc2ee is the use of the search of the category of type of body to find the plane dress right. Available to dress types different bodies they are the dresses so large, dresses of maternity, and dressed small, as well as one " it appears adulacin" category for the ladies who have the curves that wish to show.

To buy by Price If it is working within a budget, also can see the selections dress based on the special price and sales. Even the designer dresses, dresses of the celebrities, dresses of fianc2ee 2012 of real style, and other designs of high quality are surprising reasonable in this collection, " end superior" of the prices it is much more reasonable price of the dresses same in the majority of stores of standard fianc2ee. You can even enter to in line gain his own dress with a simple registry. Its transaction in line is safe, and guide of adjustment of the page Web, guide of measurements, color letters, and other tools help to assure that you are buying the perfect adjustment in the ideal configuration for his budget, its body, and its more special day.

The Pachamama

From the inauguration of the event, that finalizes today, Morals denounced the historical debt of Capitalism with the Mother Earth, we only have two ways: The Pachamama (Mother Earth, in aymara) or the death. Capitalism dies or dies the Mother Earth. Capitalism lives or lives the Mother Earth. That forceful the Bolivian president expressed itself, Evo Morales, during the inauguration of the world-wide conference in Tiquipaya with the social participation of indigenous towns and movements. It denounced the historical debt of Capitalism with the global heating and indicated that they will be the indigenous towns that show how to save the Mother Earth, according to Azkintuwe. In this day, colombiaaprende., contributes mainly, that the Day of the Earth invites the people, but to the Governments, to make decisions and to create laws that base the care of the Planet.

The governors are many who, from 1970, have worked in Pro to the environment, trying that to diminish the serious effects that the humans we have caused on the same. The Earth maintains the course of the life for billions of years. Everything what the man needs to survive comes from the nature, in addition is not the unique existing species, thus have forgotten many it. We share everything what the Earth offers to us with the other species, but we refused to respect those other service lives. Although the panorama is complex, still we are in time to obtain a change.

The Earth needs many hands, between those yours. Thinking about this, we have created a series of advice who will help you to protect the planet without leaving your house. It shares this information with your family and friendly, already you will see that if all we collaborated, the Earth will see beneficiary. It uses saving small pumps (Algeno), because energy consumes 80% less than than an incandescent one. Although it seems the opposite, a water escape, even a small drop, can waste up to 13 liters of water to the day. Asegrate to fix them as soon as it is possible. If your family goes away of trip, tries to leave empty, disconnected and clean the refrigerator, with the open door so that fungi and bacteria do not form. She avoids to buy ” ambientadores” , The best thing is to ventilate the rooms and to put plants with aromatic natural flowers. Acostmbrate to use reloadable batteries or batteries in all the apparatuses require that them. They cost more, but to medium term they are much more profitable and they help to restrain the environmental deterioration. It avoids to buy aerosols or spray in whose composition gases take part clorofluorcarbonados (CFC), which affect the ozone layer. The refrigerator far from the stove or of some other source of heat locates, therefore the motor strives less and consumes less energy. It uses a gas stove instead of an electrical one, thus will save until a 70% of energy. If frost forms, defrosts the refrigerator before the layer reaches 3 mm of thickness, otherwise its consumption will increase until a 30%. You do not leave the key open while you cepillas the teeth. A glass with water is sufficient for the dental cleaning.

Store Online

I dedicate to the design Web for relatively just a short time, but already I have been able to create some store online and to observe results. It draws attention to me that people usually concentrate in obtaining a quality store, to obtain to traffic and positioning; being spent it grazes in publicity coverall in campaigns of announcements like those of the great G (AdWords) and if, that this very either, is the more, would say that he is vital to be able to obtain benefits by Internet, but a small detail is forgetting to him a store online works badly or or following the same parameters by which one tends physics, that is to say, but you offer one of the traditional advantages of any physical store, by very good that it is your positioning, by much traffic that it generates you will not finish taking off. And all you preguntais that as Piense is the traditional advantages a little, You because to buy in store X of its city? , the answer would have to be: Because they handle a very good price, because they own great variety of products, because they are specialized in something specific and you know that you found what you look for, etc Therefore, first (and I stress first) that you must do if you are arranged to mount a Store Online is responderte this question: Why people would want to buy in my store? What advantage I offer? Price, variety, specialization, comfort? You must know, that the products that You also sell are going to play their role. That is to say, it is not possible to be tried to be successful with a Store Online if in each street is a physical store that sells just like You and to better price..

Become Thin

Many people have nowadays become employees from pills of diet to undo of the excessive corporal weight. The pill consumption for the diet is more advisable than going through rigorous exercises. Many companies are courting to the possible buyers with the aid of the attractive publicity. We would be interested? in participating in the physical exercises to strengthen our abdominal biceps and when he is ready to use tablets to become thin they are available? More than the sixty percent of the Americans they are obese. It is the reason for which the industry of the pill of the diet is blooming to an alarming rate in the United States. Can these tablets to become thin can trust? So effective what are these pills of diet in the reality? You can really undo of the excess of fat and the control of the fat accumulation in the body with the aid of these tablets to become thin? Nevertheless, you can really lower of weight with the aid of these pills. present ingredients in the pill of the diet increase the rate of metabolism, that lead to the reduction of the corporal weight.

The appetite can even be controlled easily with these tablets to become thin. Nevertheless, of the availability of so many varieties, one takes control difficult to select a pill of particular diet. Whereas the election of a pill of the perfect diet for you, you must consider these in the mentioned points. Capacity to increase the rate of metabolism – a pill Chooses, that has a higher metabolism. If the rate is higher, the excess of fat in your body burns more express. The tablets to thin that they contain green tea extracts, lipoico alpha, L-carnitine, etc are known for being very effective and to determine the rate of metabolism.nnSuppression of appetite – diet tablets, that reduce the appetite lie down to be very effective.

A sensation in the brain is created, that makes you think that the stomach is full. In this way it avoids that it enters the meals and therefore aid to reduce weight. Cork of calories – the obesity happens when the ingestion of calories much more that the burning fire of calories. It always chooses the tablets, that have the capacity to restrain the consumption of calories. Phaseolus vulgaris can help to maintain the calories under its control much. Booster metabolic – tablets to become thin that they contain lipotrpicos elements help to reduce the fat of the body. Like a street cleaner, who eliminates all the unnecessary fats of the body. fat burners All these methods already have been proven in several experiments in different clinics. Nevertheless, it remembers that the diet pills not only can help to lose weight. It is better so that you participate in the light exercises and an suitable diet, along with the tablets to become thin. Test this and without a doubt will have one more a healthier life. best fat burners