The Love Of The Husband Stops With The Wife

The LOVE OF the HUSBAND STOPS WITH the WIFE Natanael V. Blacksmith the most beautiful flower In the garden did not find, the star radiating In the universe did not sight, Between the rocks cultivated In the ribeiro I was to walk, and thinking I could see That I was born to love you. In the palace of a king I was invited to enter, In the firing room of the north Then I was there to rest, On the hemp finssimo my hair had so rested, Then I remembered its hands That in my hair had thus touched. Amongst thousand of maidens Between them I did not find, Somebody formosa as you That one day I contemplated, With infinite wealth could not buy you, Therefore in you the great feeling has something bigger to love. If you Ahead reward were it of battalions, In the hearts you would have Great illusions, Therefore if I was a soldier I could thus believe, That you would be loved mine and that with me she would go to live; Then thus I would fight Against many battalions, Its heart would conquer and win indetermination, the stations I can move Bringing rain and forts winds, But you are me to shelter At the most complex moments.