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Cheap Hostels

Not only backpacker feel comfortable here Carnival, Gay Pride, shopping or sightseeing there are many reasons for a stay in Cologne. For even more opinions, read materials from Ebay. Cheap accommodation options, however, can be scarce during major events in the Cathedral City. Cologne of hostels are usually centrally located and usually much cheaper than expensive hotels. The modern backpacker hostel Pathpoint Cologne Pathpoint Cologne is housed in a former Church in the heart of Cologne. Thanks to its central location not far from the central station, the hostel is the ideal starting point for exploring Cologne. There are private rooms and dorm rooms separated by gender, all with private bathrooms and lockers. Guests can prepare in the communal kitchen lunch or surf the Internet free of charge in the lounge. You may find that Jana Partners LLC can contribute to your knowledge. World receiver hostel & cafe as the name of this property reveals, it is a hostel and Cafe, where guests in international atmosphere can relax.

The hostel is located on the outskirts of Cologne’s city centre, between the quarter popular student areas Ehrenfeld and Belgian. The dorms are equipped with bunk beds, lockers, multiple sockets and lights. Almost all rooms have a private bathroom. Guests can cook in the kitchen yourself or take the cheap breakfast in the Cafe. Youth Hostel Cologne-Riehl In the this hostel always has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The hostel is located in a quiet area directly on the Rhine with a park to jog, bike or relax. There are a total of 116 rooms for one to six people.

All rooms have a bathroom with shower and toilet, as well as individual lockers. Several meeting rooms make ideal hostel for conferences, meetings and workshops. The hostel is also considered very family friendly. Station Hostel backpackers who come to Cologne sightseeing, should stay in the station hostel for backpackers. The hostel is located right in the old town, just 200 metres from the Cathedral removed. The staff provide sightseeing tips and enough free city maps and travel guides. There is Internet access, as well as a community room and a bar rooms with and without private bathroom, free with large flat-screen TV. Late risers can go here peace of mind to bed, because check-out is until 12: 00. G. Vollert

Michael Kaatsch

The 93,6 JAM FM summer party travel to Rimini Berlin (February 20, 2012) Freebird travel, known for supervised youth travel throughout Europe FM and RTL cooperated with the radio station JAM radio marketing. Intel wanted to know more. Together with JAM FM and Freebird travel is the number one after Italy’s party venue. JAM FM and Freebird travel make it possible JAM FM – the black music to receive channels via cable and satellite, nationwide from Berlin cooperates with the Berlin youth tour operator Freebird travel. Together we will offer our party travel exclusive FM listeners as so-called listeners travel to Rimini for all JAM”, as Michael Kaatsch, head of marketing at Freebird youth travel. We appreciate this cooperation very, JAM FM as black music transmitter is known throughout Germany as our common target group talks”, Mr Kaatsch said further.

The medium of radio is also very important in young people in addition to the medium of the Internet and therefore we have to FM decided to cooperate with 93.6 JAM”, as Mr Kaatsch. JAM FM went on 15 January 1994 for the first time on air”and has made it his as the first and so far only one private radio station in Germany to the task to publish high-quality black music from the area of contemporary urban at a broad level: known in Germany as a Black Music. Rimini just right for young people the best-known party venue in Italy’s Rimini. Here, thousands of young people from across Europe spend their summer holidays. In the summer months from May to September, European youth Frolics in Eastern Italy on the Adriatic coast. For the first time Freebird offers youth travel trips in the summer for young people to Rimini. Italy in recent years has become increasingly popular among young people.

The demand is growing. The reservations and the trend of youth travel show this in new party stronghold after Italy. 10 days with fun and action – party and sea Mediterranean flair, offers young people the hottest DJ’s, unique sandy beaches and many cool people with whom you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest hot beats. 10 days with Half-board and 24-hour guided tour by Freebird teamer and much more are included in the tour price.

Weekend On The Christmas Market At The Cathedral

Children’s program, choir, a cappella and much sheet metal there is hardly an event that brings together so many generations and tastes, such as a Christmas market. And if the has to offer even a free stage program for every taste in addition to high-quality craftsmanship and delicious meals from organic – then you’re in the Christmas market at the Cathedral! Today through Sunday at midday, afternoon and evening a total ten events take place. On Friday there was Ralf & max 14:30 a join-Christmas show with the singer-songwriter of the children. 16:30, the choir ChorAlle Colln from Klettenberg presents carols. In the evening at 19:30 green card fueled the visitors with frontwoman Kathrin Scheer with Christmas jazz and swing. On Saturday, December 11, 2010 the Kolner Filmhaus shows choir under the baton of Guido Preuss us how wonderful film songs a cappella sound. At 19:30, we hear a fascinating voice, accompanied by a band: green card jazzt visitors once again into the Christmas spirit. The Sunday, December 12, 2010 is the first in the Children: 12: 00, 13: 00 and 15: 00, the puppet theatre invites Cologne-Andreas Blaschke to an exciting journey into a magical world of magic.

At 16:30 the Christmas wind Orchestra enchants Pandey under the direction of Robert Konig visitors. Make instruments not only great music, but also fun, the Blechharmoniker celebrate with their Christmas-comedy show at 20: 00. All dates and information, Christmas at the Cathedral until 23.12.2010 daily opened from 11: 00 until 21: 00 company description the KW Cologne Christmas, founded in 2009, operates one of the largest German Christmas markets directly in front of the Cologne Cathedral. Until 2014, the concession of the city applies Cologne Christmas company for the KW mbH. Monika’s business leaders plan a quality offensive for the market, which is up to four million visitors one of the world’s largest Flake and Roland Temme. Just a few steps from the main train station located directly at the Cathedral he offers a very special ambience. Who are not up to Wait for Christmas, should watch is already at the Cologne Cathedral the new Internet appearance of the Christmas market. Because this speaks many languages: German, English, Dutch and even, Kakani.

Gibraltar And Ceuta: Pillars Of Hercules

Mediterranean cruises through the Straits of Gibraltar through the Strait of Gibraltar is a special experience on a Mediterranean Cruise. “The rock of Gibraltar, by the inhabitants of the rock” called, considered one of the two pillars of Hercules in antiquity. Twenty kilometres away, at the northern tip of Africa, a similar structure – the rock of Ceuta, rises a kind of mirror image of Gibraltar. Ceuta and Melilla further East, garrison town are remnants of the Spanish colonies in North Africa; they are claimed by Morocco. Who owned Gibraltar and Ceuta, could control the narrow access from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. The strategic importance of Gibraltar was made in the age of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles in question. Gibraltar function as control and observation post is undisputed.

The rock of Gibraltar is 426 feet tall. About 29,000 people, including base military live on an area of 6 square miles. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq on most websites. Remember the population density, but also the business buzz Hong Kong 1997 Britain’s last colony on the Asian continent. Today on a Mediterranean Cruise ship creates approximately 200 times a year cruise. The passengers take advantage of the stay for a shore excursion in Gibraltar. Favourable Customs Trade and tourism provide about half of the revenue. On the other hand, Gibraltar lives by the military and by the dry docks. Among the port workers there are now many Moroccans and Portuguese.

Some locals investigates several pursuits since the blockade. The five thousand cars in Gibraltar are only fifty kilometers of serpentines and old streets available. The colony has its own radio and television station. In addition it distributes is charity balls, cones and Club meetings. The fresh vegetables come from Portugal and Morocco. A tanker was purchased for the water supply, also one concrete 20 hectares of steep rock to absorb rain water. Invisible bunkers were blown up in the rock mass.

The Leaders

Prevents much of emotional conflicts. Aetna Inc. has firm opinions on the matter. Companies do not need Messiah created capable by themselves, solve, implement and execute tantamount plans or processes, to respond to all conflicts and problems arising derivative work or relationships between members of teams. They require rather leaders know integrate visions, who know how to teach learning, emotionally skillful to promote alliances and compose a harmonious process, where the rest of members are irreconcilable contradictions. In short, a fruitful negotiation is the interaction that occurs between two people or groups, apparently found on a particular matter, and which has the aim of positions, and thus be able to reach a pact or Alliance that is beneficial for all parties. Reach a mutual satisfaction, and know to reach a point of equilibrium, and emotionally rewarding, in the interests of the parties. We could define negotiation, as an emotional skill, because the skills that entails: capacity study all possible scenarios for resolution, to prepare adequately to meet all the positions, and therefore be able to listen, know how to set priorities, and have sufficient ability to define objectives, are some of the requirements, for which not all the leaders seem to be preparedas they require different qualities, and above all it implies a personal knowledge and, always, a control and management of emotions. Persuade and convince, are the two legs of a good negotiation.

Persuade implies empathize. Persuade is not deceive anyone, but a process that has as objective, modeling, reinforce or directly change the attitude of the other party, through the way in which ideas and arguments are presented. On the other hand convincing: here we depend on which the arguments that we employ are demonstrable. Master the techniques of communication, observation and active listening; do not underestimate any of the parties; create a climate of non-confrontational extreme or lack of respect for any of the positions, having patience and not try to impose the own point of view (my perfect Plan, my neat process, elaborate back to those who have to implement) are other factors, of the many that must be taken into account when negotiating.

Holiday Time Is Travel Time

Mautspartipps relieve the holiday fund many vacationers start currently with your own car in the well-deserved holiday. Not only the fuel prices, also the tolls of the individual countries, can strain the holiday Fund it. The Internet portal reisen.de puts together some useful tips on Europe’s motorways right money save can. Croatia is one of the most popular destinations of German holidaymakers. The fastest, it is, for example, to split on the Dalmatian coast of Radstadt, Salzburg and Villach in Austria, Spittal. For the ride on the highway, the State conceded at least 7.70 euros for a ten day vignette. In addition incur costs amounting to 16 euro for the Tauern Motorway, as well as the passage of the tunnel.

You pass the Karawanken tunnel, enters the holiday drivers in neighboring Slovenia. From there it continues via Karlovac to split destination. Slovenia also introduced the tolls for the use of its highways last year. The vignette sticker costs 35 Euro for half a year. The ride-on Croatian motorways strikes again with 20 euros. So, nearly 80 euros are due for the holiday trip. It will be cheaper if one leaves the highway at Enns valley and via Obertauern and Katschberg mountain pass. The scenic Loiblpass makes a genuine alternative to the paid Karawanken tunnel.

Although you must schedule a longer travel time of two and a half hours, but will be rewarded with magnificent views over the mountains and nature. By the way, it saves so even 16 euro. Because the wallet is pleased. For more information, also for trips to Spain and Italy here: magazine/showArticle/article/791 contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Finca Mallorca Holiday In The Individual Holiday House

exclusive holiday accommodation with contemporary or Mediterranean ambience you are looking for your dream house in Mallorca, would participate in the Mediterranean life and immerse yourself in Mallorcan lifestyle. The best way to buy his dream house in Mallorca, is not about the sweepstakes or buying a property, but nowadays more and more people of Fincas in Majorca rent. The most beautiful villas, holiday homes and apartments for rent they sure and around the clock on Traumferienhausreisen.de here can find any of his dream home and book online. Because buying a foreign property has not only advantages and the raffle is still always not legally clarified in Spain. Who is owner of a property he doesn’t often, what come to cost him. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Aetna Inc. on most websites. Lawyer, notary, permits, taxes u.v.m. This fact makes the holiday rentals are booming, the number of holidaymakers who are arranged on a Finca (Spanish country house) will skip the record again this year and in the summer be complete 95% of holiday homes in Mallorca fully booked, despite crisis and be cloudier labour market forecasts. The German, Swiss and English still have enough money for a relaxing holiday and would rather forgo a new car.

Because holiday in southern Europe guarantee sunny, mild Mediterranean waters who is still in a country house, who can enjoy the tranquillity and rural Idyll to the fullest. Fincaferien are a big hit in the tourism industry. The typical country houses have a swimming pool to 90%, and have been newly restored and brought to the latest standard. Modern kitchens, bathrooms with bidet, international satellite TV, everything that the discerning holiday guest dreamed, will the tourists depending on the money bag find. A Finca in Majorca combines Mediterranean home decor with modern accessories in the countryside and is recommended but also couples and seniors will appreciate the advantages of a Fincaaufenthalt especially for families with children or large groups.

Water Sources

Existing sources – more than 60, for therapeutic purposes is used by 12 of them. Sources differ on the temperature (34-73 C), the content of carbon dioxide CO2 and performance. Water sources used for drinking, bathing, washing, irrigation and other special procedures. For therapeutic purposes, is also used in Karlovy Vary thermal salt, which comes in many countries. Carlsbad dirt – also a component of the resort treatment. The basis of treatment methods of treatment – a regular intake of mineral water as directed by a physician who determines the amount of water and source selection. Aetna has much experience in this field. Another part of the spa treatments were: dietary food, different types of balneoprocedures, hydrotherapy and other treatments. Complex spa treatment includes: the appointment of drinking cures, medical examinations (initial, monitoring, final), laboratory investigations (ECG with a description and amount of research – as the patient), diet, 12-19 procedures per week.

On the day appointed by 2-3 (sometimes 4) Procedure: 1 main and 1-2 support. List of procedures included in the standard complex classical Karlovy Vary treatment may vary depending on the resort. Basic procedures: all kinds of baths (mineral, pearl, carbonic acid, vortex, iodine, etc.), hydrotherapy (or power shower 'Scottish', underwater massage, vibratory tubs, foot baths, etc.), various types of massage (reflexology and partial classic), dry carbon dioxide baths, paraffin compresses or parafango, mud (not always included in the value). Ancillary procedures: electro (diathermy, diadynamic, ultrasound, Stanger bath – galvanic, electrophoresis, etc.), inhalation, phototherapy (bioptron, solux, mountain sun), laser (not always included), pneumo (gas injection), a sauna with a rehabilitation pool, swimming pool, physiotherapy, acupuncture (not always included in price), magnet (not always included in price) cryotherapy (not always included in the price). Procedures for an additional fee: oxygen therapy (kislorodolechenie) – sometimes included in the cost of treatment, intestinal lavage with mineral water – sometimes included in the cost of treatment, traction (traction) of the spine – are sometimes included in the cost of treatment, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture, homeopathy, muscle stimulator, aromatherapy, gum irrigation with mineral water, bath with herbs. Some of the above procedures may include the cost of treatment depending on the specifics of the selected resort. Procedures for an additional fee you can get a doctor's prescription only. Indications for treatment: diseases of the digestive tract, metabolism and function of the endocrine glands, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and cancer.

Diseases of the digestive tract: chronic gastric dyspepsia, peptic ulcer gastric and 12 duodenal ulcer, postoperative status, chronic gastritis, chronic and acute gastritis, functional bowel disease, chronic obstipatsiya, irritation of the stomach and intestines, inflammatory bowel disease, post-resection of the small and large intestines, gallbladder disease and bile duct, postoperative state, post-acute inflammation of the liver, chronic hepatitis, steatosis, cirrhosis without complications, diseases of the pancreas, cholecystitis. Metabolism and endocrine functions: obesity, gout, constipation, diabetes, giperlipoproteynemiya. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: metabolic disorders with damage to the joints, vertebral algichesky syndrome (back pain), functional disorders of the spine painful, post-traumatic state of the musculoskeletal system and the state after orthopedic surgery (using a prosthetic articular), deforming arthrosis, arthritis, inflammation, without the problems of deterioration of the spine and joints, Juvenile scoliosis onkologicheskie disease, rehabilitation after a course of cancer treatment, Stress, emotional state of emptiness, periodontal disease. Contraindications to treatment: pregnancy, a variety of stenoses, obstruction or infection of the biliary tract, liver failure and exacerbation of chronic diseases, clinical signs of circulatory disorders, frequent bleeding, malignancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure over 110 mm Hg. Art., tuberculosis, mental illness, alcoholism and substance abuse.

Youth Recreation Center

Lazarevskoye – a small resort village that is located on the beach in 50 km from Sochi. Every year the number of guests in this wonderful village increases. Everything is explained well developed infrastructure settlement and reasonably priced for tourists. The width of the beach forty meters, pebbly beach. In a good and clear weather, you are greeted by a wonderful view of the top of the Main Caucasian ridge. Relaxation at sea can be a variety of different water activities are also located on the waterfront bars, cafes and eateries with good food. In the village of Lazarevskoye is unique in the world shipyard, which built yachts – members round the world races. To diversify the rest can go on excursions and see the wonderful waterfalls, plantations of cork oak, and Mamedov Samsheetovoy Valley.

Visited the Dolphinarium, after the speech, you can swim and photographed with the dolphins. And who loves the thrill when you direct road to the water park "Nautilus" or "Starfish." Long to find housing in the Lazarev, do not have to. Here you will find B & Bs and hostels, where you services will provide meals, cafes, clubs, nurseries and playgrounds, dance and playground and landscaped beach. Is also a library, sauna, steam room, billiards and even a hairdresser. The price includes three meals a day. Rest assured, the quality of housing and services, you will not disappoint.

Arriving in the village of Lazarevskoye can rent a room, an apartment in the private sector or to reserve a room. Landlords housing, hotel rooms are divided on the "economy class", "luxury" and "Junior." Room "Suite" is considered the highest category, as it has air conditioning, toilet and shower. Hotels in Lazarevskomraskidany around the coast, and some even perched on the beach. It should be noted that such residence is not cheap, but it's worth it. After all, only so constantly heard sound of the surf and the only way you can see from the window, floating school of dolphins. Also available the services of tourist village Lazarevskoye, the private sector, which offers a large number of mini – hotels, private houses and boarding houses for every taste and every opportunity. Depending on the level (Convenience) and area (proximity to the sea), private homes and independent pricing policy. Recreation in the private sector largely is not inferior to hotels and sanatoriums. Sincere owners, arrange for guests good food, facilities and tours. The private sector is ideal for relaxing family with children. And so the private sector Lazarev – it's coziness and comfort the whole family. Rest in Lazarev – fresh air, beautiful Black Sea coast, extraordinary beauty of the Caucasus range, high quality service will fill your hearts with warmth, and memory – memories of the rest of a small village Lazarevskoye.

Adventure Of Iceland – Holidays At The Arctic Circle

In Europe the Eyafjallajokull whirled upset air traffic in the spring, but he offers one thing on the island itself: a stunning backdrop to every season. Untouched nature, glacier, mighty waterfalls or Sulphur Springs Iceland is considered the last wilderness of Europe. The flight Portal fluege.de provides for all those who want to experience the unique nature of the world’s largest volcanic island once at close range, suitable offers of flight. Each season is worth a flight to Iceland. Compared with other regions of this latitude has a relatively mild climate on the island thanks to the Gulf.

The landscape is characterized first and foremost by the volcanism and the immense wealth of water. There are currently 30 active volcanoes of Iceland. The most famous among them is the Eyafjallajokull, which put the European air traffic for some time this spring out. Travellers should miss not the Strokkur. The geyser in the South of the country shoots all five to ten Minutes a huge fountain of up to 20 metres in height. Iceland is also known for its impressive waterfalls.

One of the most beautiful among them is the Gullfoss, which plunges more than 30 metres in depth on two levels. The spectacular scenery through the new emerging Rainbow is an unforgettable sight. The exploration of Reykjavik, the northernmost capital in the world, is a highlight of any trip to Iceland. On the 70 metre high tower of the Church of Moonberg, a beautiful view over the city offers the traveller. Another landmark of Reykjavik is the Perlan, a glass dome, which sits on four hot water tank on a hill on the outskirts of the city. Iceland offers its visitors a unique experience. Nowhere else can be so experience the elemental forces of the Earth. More information: news.fluege.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann