Hair Coloring

In fact, for hair coloring does not need special knowledge and skills, we need only observe a few simple rules – and the excellent results achieved. Stick to colors that match your skin tone. Decide whether you want to dye your hair completely, or to separate the individual strands? Want to dye your hair yourself, or are going to resort to the help of a professional? We present to you seven secrets and tricks that allow you to avoid the "wrong" colors and get the desired shade in the home. These secrets are well known to every barber, but now they know about you. Correctly choose a color.

Hair color should match complexion – pale skin suit any shade of pink skin to owners advise avoiding red color and never attempt to become a platinum blonde. Instead, look at the ash tones, which visual "balance" prone to redness skin. Yellowish complexion? Then you need to choose paint colors and rich chestnut to avoid yellow, golden and orange hues. Southern beauty with olive skin advised to adhere to dark shades and "dilute" a rich brown or black walnut strands. Dye your hair completely, or separate individual strands (eg kolorirovat) – that is the question. If you have a haircut, hair should be painted entirely in one color. Owners of luxury braid suggest slightly brighten strands framing the face – it will revitalize the complexion, making it more attractive. Do not forget that with the full color of hair root-growth should touch up every 4 – 8 weeks, while coloring the roots of the regrown strand – only once every 2 – 3 months.