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In addition, many of these small groups and up to the web financed officially by the U.S. Government, violate federal legislation and also the State of Florida that penalty spam, to allow the massive sending of unwanted e-mail messages, with the complicity of business software such as AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail. Without However, despite public complaints of these practices, and the complicity of big computer companies, in this, as in many other facets, the American laws are blind, deaf and until mancas, then just give a couple of clicking could cancelled many sites that now promote cyberterrorism against Cuba with impunity. By: Amaury e. New York Life is likely to agree. del Valle (Cubaminrex Juventud Rebelde). WIRES cut also prevent the country to connect with the international networks of optical fiber, the U.S. Government has also sought to avoid that this important avenue of connection extends through the interior of the country, denying the exportation of cables to U.S. companies that produce them or threatening with sanctions to the foreign.

What do given these restrictions? Cuban institutions opted for what today we call a model of social appropriation of technologies of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Thus arose so successful experiences as the the health network (Infomed) which puts in the hands of the doctors of the information necessary for its continuous improvement and spaces Island to manage the knowledge online, from the exchange of experiences and information. Networks and informational portals for intellectuals and artists (cubarte) or networks for researchers and practitioners in different branches of science, production or services in general have also appeared. Thus scarce financial and technological resources are placed according to the vital interests of the country and the possibilities that it provides Internet and, in general, the use of ICT helps the entire population and not only those who are connected to networks. Thus Lady senior who has never sat at a computer benefits through your doctor, which he obtained through the digital network, Infomed, or newborn child who is vaccinated for free against 13 diseases in their first year of life is benefiting from the information that the scientists obtained in the Exchange with colleagues from other parts of the world or accessing costly knowledge bases.