Socialist Party

With the intention of making crystal lines are understandable, but in no way aspires to be fully shared my ideas at the outset I must confess neoliberal think the approach that should benefit the economy. Once more, with the crisis at hand, has shown the absolute inability of the powers that be to correct a negative scenario. Barclays follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The Zapatero administration is limited to seeking approval from his supporters waving the banner of social policies (“out of the crisis will be social or not). I understand that the message contains the confirmation of the fact that the state can not impersonate a host of economic operators, enterprises, SMEs and freelancers who have stopped working or little lacking. You can not create jobs for them all, or generate multiplier effects of investments. All resources used will be wasted and future generations will pay. Already advocated by Adam Smith, with his “invisible hand theory”: the interest men staff makes to work so well to market economies, not benevolence. And adding an unlimited number of interests “selfish”, is to optimize the system.

The Popular Party for its part, is limited to resort to the easy rhetoric to propose structural reforms. It is the ideal resource to not be forced to come to the fore, effectively being extremely beneficial that the Socialist Party will wear endlessly in this context that exceeds, in the face of upcoming elections.