Lost Youth

' It takes off its hands of me! I do not belong you. You are not dominating me as soon as to understand you go me. I can be alone, But I know well where estou.&#039 very; ' This refro tells the revolt, the greed for freedom of youth! This youth, that if matters, that […]

Youth Adolescent

The program also has for objective assists it the family in the search of adequate services that can supply its necessities and of the adolescent; the attainment of a psicossocial diagnosis of the family, in the direction to facilitate the understanding of the adolescent in attendance; to propitiate to responsible a consequence on the particular […]

Organic Law Assistance

It consists in this law, in its article 88, that the City councils will consist of one of the deliberative instances and controllers of the actions directed the politics of attendance of the child and the adolescent. This new order contrasts with a past not very distant, in which, the politics of social assistance, during […]

Karat Shotokan Made

The descriptive method of the bibliography with the objective was used to display the opinions of diverse authors as Simes (2002) and Funakoshi (2005), among others that approaches the questions that involve the practical one of the Karat Shotokan and the Taekwondo, as well as the participation of the woman in these martial arts, having […]