Work Clothing

The habit does not make the monk probably this phrase you’ve heard it up to fatigue. The truth is, however, that in matters relating to how to go dress to work its meaning has no validity, because in the Office, the habit Yes makes the monk! Everything in life has its place and proper time; and if matters of attire appropriate to go to work is concerned, must be taken into account that our workplace is not precisely a catwalk. So it always must dress conservatively, and make our clothing as part of our personality and position at work. Many companies have established dress codes to avoid allegations of discrimination and rejection, just because I seen a little provocative. But is that actually, if we have a job in an Office, such as lawyers or a government agency, it is not appropriate wear necklines or miniskirts, so have sculptural bodies.It is important to bear in mind that us was not hired to look us, but for perform a task in a professional and efficient manner. It is very likely that you’re not perhaps agree, but it is not a simple opinion but the result of my experience working with the public. I can assure that a manner of dress provocative, as well as being unprofessional is a green light for some people cross that invisible line of respect.

How would you feel if arriving at a Government Office, you find that everybody goes for the free dress to as it pleases and, as if it were little?in a way where it can be shown the anatomy of the employee or the employee? As a first impression, you would think that it is in the wrong place, since more than look like a serious Office seems that nobody has the slightest idea that it is a Government entity and that, just as there are regulations regarding how to operate also, there should be a regulation on how to dress. The key is to dress according to the age, the time of the year, and no less important, to the type of work we are going to perform!This is why that many companies have removed the famous casual Friday, where the companies allowed a more relaxed dress day Friday as the rest of the week. And it is that some people confused the casual attire with a garment that the employee allowed her to display her charms.At the time of applying for a job and go to a job interview, remember that a second chance there is to make a first good impression. Human beings are thus almost instantly, train us an idea of the person we know depending on how projected his image, which is nothing more than his way of dressing.Dressing professionally is a wise decision, and will also make you feel safe and play you in a relaxed way.