Director Sales

Madrid, 05 / 11 / 09. For years the owner of the Pharmacy has been asked the reasons for which no more customers come to your pharmacy and has made all kinds of cabals to increase the number of them as well as their income. According to MediformPlus, the consultancy specializing in strategic management of pharmacies, the doubts and the headaches of Apothecaries thereon can be finished without resorting to aspirin. How?. Applying up/cross selling techniques. Or what is the same, using the tools as they define Reinartz and Kumar are able to achieve additional sales of the same product as a consequence of the increase of the frequency of shopping, and intensity in long-lasting relationships. Something that causes a level of higher per transaction purchase or more transactions per period, i.e., positive effects on the quantity.

And as added Graciela Sanchez, Director of the Aula de Formacion de MediformPlus, is easier to sell a product or service to who already know a stranger, what therefore pursues the up/cross selling is to maximize the value of a relationship already existing vendedor-cliente. What MediformPlus proposed is to take advantage of a tool that known effective. Thanks to techniques of purchase propensity and the focus on increasing the linking of existing customers and not in attracting new clients achieves results. And the way to do it is through the analysis of these purchases. If we look on our customer cards linked to sales that have been made to it, we can note that our customers do not buy many products of primary necessity such as: shampoo, bath gel, toothpaste, toothbrush, body Moisturiser, etc this is probably due to that we carry out a cross-selling when the customer asks us to the main product. Optimize the purchases at the pharmacy for 100% of sales 20% are by cross-selling (cross selling), the question is how many up selling occur?.