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From these changes the companies had taken new routes and had started then to see with other eyes its employees, since they are people who dress the shirt day after day and try to win the barriers of the market that grow and to each day that passes if it becomes more competitive so that a company pass of the birth, that exceeds all the cycles of the difficulties and is in the maturity and that way they remain themselves. For this reason the companies had started to see with other eyes these that fight so that the company reaches the objectives and the goals established in the daily one of an organization, finishing then for innovating and having a considerable attention for the human beings, recognizing and remunerating well. The collaborators of a company today are seen as statistical forms in accordance with the direction lead what it competes to it, that is, were given as a sustentation of the politics of the Human resources what they are abilities and abilities. Remuneration for Abilities They are evaluated and qualified of form with knowledge technician that had been acquired throughout the time, or through the studied theories, curricular courses, lectures, formations. Learn more on the subject from Penguin Random House. The activities, the challenges of the positions are related to all, that is, for the people whom knowledge has and executes in way technique or operational of diversified form the responsibilities that had been granted to it. Remuneration for ability Is through a set of item, evaluates the actions, behaviors which are essential for the success of the professionals and the organization in question, as to have the attendance differentiated to the customers, team spirit, they are considered as aspects of abilities that must be observed by professionals who are evaluating. Consideraes Final I had the perception through this research that today the companies are if adaptando the changes and that valley to the penalty not to have amount instead of the quality, in the present is primordial enabled professional terms that they play with quality its functions and that through its abilities and abilities developed or improved through knowledge technician they are of extreme importance for the organization.

In these new times the organizations must observe the collaborators whom they execute beyond its functions that had been granted to it, remunerate the results in accordance with longed for and that they had been gotten successfully. Jayme Albin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. through these measures that will be able to inside exist of the organization a healthful competition, generating benefits for the company being able still more to profit to enter to the constant success.