Earn Money

Of course that making money online is possible, in fact there are many people living off the money obtained from Internet business. But that does not mean to be an easy task and that one will be rich over night. Moshe victor keinig is often quoted on this topic. When one begins to internalize about […]

Casa Rural In Sardinia

In the selection of holidays in Sardinia should be able to find a good balance between characteristic factors relating to the cost of transportation, becoming increasingly more important in the total cost of the holiday, the type of accommodation and the location of the establishment. In this contribution we want to talk about the choice […]

Personal Income Tax

At the time of setting up a company, it is precise to choose the legal form that one adjusts more to the needs of the new industralist. The law offers two clear options: to act like independent or creating a society. Although in this last case different types from legal forms exist, the limited society […]

Public Accountant

In agreement with specialists in the field of the oral presentations, if to be used laminae, these they would not have to happen of ten, and the duration of the exhibition does not have to take more than 20 minutes, it in order to not to tire the listeners, since if we know clearly the […]

Mora Mercosur

Fernando de la Mora, Rca. of Paraguay; December 07, 2009. N 13.164-his Excellency Mr DR. TABARe VZQUEZ, President Eastern Republic of Uruguay and President Pro-Tempore of the MERCOSUR e. S. D. Very respectable Mr President: on behalf of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI of the Republic of Paraguay; I have the high honour […]