Federal Territory

The Federal Territory of Guapor that was created from the dismemberment of territorial areas of the states of the Mato Grosso and Amazon. ' ' The Federal Territory of the Guapor was divided in four cities, through the decree law number 5872, of 21 of September of 1943, and was thus constituted: Labrea and Porto Velho, desmembrados of the State of Amazon and Santo Antonio of the River desmembrados Madeira and Guajar-mirim of Mato Grosso ' '. (Matias, 1998). After this had occurred some modifications and from 1945, the Federal Territory of the Guapor was constituted of only two cities: Guajar-Mirim and Porto Velho beyond some districts. In 1956 m is presented law project that suggested the change of name of the current Federal Territory of the Guapor for Federal Territory of Rondnia.

That it would be a joust homage to Candido Marshal Da Silva Rondon for the services given to this region. ECONOMIC 3.1CICLOS OF the possible STATE to say that the State of Rondnia resembles it Brazil in what it says respect to its growth and development economic. This similarity mentions the economic cycles to it. Let us see as they are the main cycles that had helped in the formation of the state of Rondnia. 3.1.1PRIMEIRO CYCLE OF the colegiofrancisco RUBBER According to site the isolation in relation to the remaining portion of the country was the fact marcante of the life of the peoples of the Amaznia in first the four and half centuries of the discovery. As they had not more occurred discovered of gold or precious rocks beyond Beautiful Village, nor the Portuguese crown and nor the Brazilian empire had demonstrated to greater interest in the pacified region and of consolidated domain. Living of the vegetal extrativismo, the development of the regional economy is characterized by cycles.

Thus it was the technological development and the revolution in the Europe, had transformed the rubber, then an exclusive product of the Amaznia, in product of great demand and high price. Since the beginning of the second half of the century they had XIX the rubber started to exert fort attraction on visionary entrepreneurs. As Stolen the economic base of the Amazonian basin they were always the same extracted spices of the forest that had become possible the jesutica penetration in the extensive region. Of these extrativos products the cacao continued to be most important. The form as was produced, however, did not allow that the product reached greater economic significao. Thus, after studies Goodyear and Hancook in the first half of century XIX, where they had discovered you formulate that they became the resistant rubber the high temperatures and the process of vulcanization, Hisses says that ' ' it initiates, then, the wide use of the rubber in the industry manufatureira' '. Stolen it considers that: ' ' The rubber was destined, in the ends of the century XIX and start of the current one to changed itself into the raw material of search in faster expansion