Western Europe

Also information will be compiled on the distribution of the population and the uses of the ground within each one of the municipal terms, classifying as well the buildings according to its uses and considering the population assigned to each construction. Finally, one will compile information on barriers and obstacles, contours, location of schools, hospitals and industrial estates, as well as of other elements that can affect a the prediction of the sonorous levels, like green zones, masses of water, etc. environmental Importance only decades ago, the fight against the noise did not consider a priority in half environmental matter, to difference other questions like the atmospheric reduction of contamination. The consequences on the population were less spectacular and the degradation of the quality of life was accepted like a direct consequence of the technological progress and the urbanization. With the elaboration of the new maps of noise a cartographic representation of the levels of sonorous pressure (noise) existing in each one of the twelve municipalities for every annual period will be obtained.Of this form, it will be possible to be determined the population exposure to the environmental noise and to be adopted the plans of action necessary to prevent and to reduce the noise and, in particular, when it can have injurious effects in the human health. The environmental noise has been developed in the urban zones and is today unafuente of preoccupation for the population since he calculates that around 20% of the inhabitants of Western Europe (around 80 million people) they are exposed at noise levels that the experts consider unacceptable. The effects of the noise can vary from an individual to another one, although according to the report of the WHO the noise in the society Criteria of environmental health of 1996, the noise can have direct injurious effects for the people exhibited to the same, as they are alterations of the dream, auditory and nonauditory physiological effects or interferences in the communication.