Professional Shipping

A method for organizing the move, the first questions that arise are often those related to the moving date. This is not to organize a move in the last minute … better predict 1-2 month delay to consider and resolve all details of Shipping. In addition, all movers will attest, there are periods of greater or less crowded and if the schedule permits, avoid school holidays and the month's seems the best solution to optimize your move. Tailored to individuals or companies, movers offer customized services.

Moving Pereira proposes to conduct detailed cost estimates with all the following details: type of delivery, moving volume, distance, time or dates of performance, amount of responsibility commitment, all prices excluding taxes and fees. A professional provides solutions and guarantees From the moment we put in charge of operations in a professional, it is obvious that both parties sign a contract specifying its responsibilities. In general there are several categories of services that offer guarantees more or less important. The company offers Pereira such a category has a high quality service imposed by the quality of furniture and fragile objects. Since 1 October 1993, all contracts must moving leads, under penalty of nullity, mandatory two statements from the client on the basis of which carried the responsibility of the professional accident.

One concerns the amount of the total value of furniture, the other the maximum value of each object or piece of furniture. An amateur secured many problems Seek individual or contact a mover on a small non-professional announcement is to take a considerable risk. These individuals often require a deposit and disappear into the nature with. Furthermore, no compensation will be paid back to the customer in case of damage or breakage of furniture. So for a few euros more, better opt for safety in using a professional.