International Presence

Pressto, international chain leader of quality dry cleaners, continues with firm step its development in the five continents, signing new masterful tax exemptions for the implantation and development of its concept of business in new markets (as it is the case of the masterfranquicias just signed for Nigeria, Qatar and Saudi Arabia), and increasing the number of operative units in those countries where it already counts on presence. Thus, the multinational of centers of integral treatment of the textile, of capital 100% Spanish, has started up three new establishments in India, in particular in the exclusive zones of Bandra, Andheri and Walkeshwar, all of them in Bombay, where their residents have the opportunity to enjoy the specialized services Pressto for all type of articles to dress, delicate and of home. With these two operative units just inaugurated, Pressto, world-wide leader in which to number of establishments and clients of dry cleaners it talks about, with near 30 million users, own 547 establishments already anywhere in the world, of them 49 they are own. In fact, this one is not the first incursion of the Indian ground chain, because it maintains to the public 8 centers (3 complete dry cleaners and 5 points of collection) in Bombay and 3 more (1 complete dry cleaners and 2 points of collection) in New Delhi open, and its intention is abrir some thirty new locations before the spring of 2012, not only in these two populations, but in other Indian cities. " Pressto began its walking in India, in 2008, with the aim of offering to the Indian client the best quality in services of quality dry cleaners and cleaning in dry, taking care of, as well, to the care of weaves of articles to dress typical India like saries " , it explains Mauritius Carreo, person in charge of the Area the International of Pressto.