Pipes Plumbing: Tips For Prevention

If you deal with the question of repair of water pipes, then comes to the fore the issue preventing pipes, or prevention of emergency situations. This is especially true of metal water pipes. Cast iron pipes water supply need to be primed. Priming carried out using linseed oil with red lead, one part natural linseed oil mixed with three equal parts by weight of iron minium, and three parts of red lead is lead. After Drying tubes are painted. At the same cold water pipe can be painted different colors, or enamel, but the pipe "hot" water covered only a special paint, because paint is another water The high temperature starts to peel off. You must use a rosin varnish. One significant observation: color piping is necessary when there is no water in them, otherwise the paint and primer will not fully dry.

The main danger in the winter is freezing of water pipes. Due to the formation of ice pipes are corrosive processes that lead to defects and damage to water pipes. There are several ways to defrost pipes, consider some of them. Necessary to wet the cloth is very warm or hot water, wrap the pipe with a rag, after opening the valve to the water starting to melt, found out, but not pressed on the pipe wall, creating a risk of rupture. Slightly different way.

Open faucet, wrap the pipe with a rag and pour it out of the watering can with hot water. You can place the tube next to a small space heater. As a rule, all maintenance work on water pipes, held in the warm season. If you are in the pipeline itself, you must immediately take steps to protect it. It is better to cover the pipeline a mixture of cement and casein glue. After drying, a layer of varnish to cover it, and then oil paint. Based on materials rmnt.ru