These loops are tightly knit than the rest of the loop series. Securing the loop last happy. There are two ways to consolidate the (closing) the loop of the last series. We encourage you to sample both to decide which way suits you best. 1 – way. Edge loop to remove the right needle is not provyazyvaya, the following loop provyazyvaem face, if the loop front or backside, if Wrong. On the right spitse have two loops. The left end of the spokes slightly delayed by a boundary loop and hold out to her just provyazannuyu snare on the right spitse remains one loop.

Provyazyvaem next loop and stretch it through the loop, the remainder on the right needles, etc. When left alone on needle loop thread detaches from the tangle, stretch in the last loop and tighten until the knot. If the last row provyazan only the front or backside loops, then closing the loop, you can every even loop provyazyvat front loop, and each odd – purl, that is, alternate face and back loops. As a result of the pigtail loop fastening runs along the edge details of the closing. 2-y way. Edge loop provyazyvaem (to form a clear corner) and translate to the left needle. Then provyazyvaem two loops together at the lower segments, if the 2 nd loop front, or two loops together seamy, if the 2-loop I'm Wrong.

As a result, on the right spitse formed a loop. Translate it to the left spoke again provyazyvaem two loops together. Since each newly formed loop is transferred to the left needle and provyazyvaem together with the next loop. Wet-heat treatment of samples Samples with patterns not very relief pattern (Stockinet, small boucle, fishnet) lay on the soft tissue face down, and tack on the external circuit. Top lay folded damp cheesecloth and steamed with a hot iron, lightly touching their surface. Otparenny sample dosyhat leave. Convex patterns (overgrown with hinges, knobs, rubber bands, braids), webs of mohair, as well as samples, crochet is not utyuzhat. Their tack, as indicated above, and covered with folded gauze. Two hours later the gauze is removed and the canvas is left to complete drying.