Behind schedule, a retired gentleman talk with his wife exceeds what they could do now that their labor activities have concluded, since they like much to cook reach the conclusion that they could sell tacos, so that without planning a system of businesses nor nothing of the sort they put hands to the work, adapt the land that have unemployed person, put a spit to prepare the meat to the coal and a plate to warm up tortillas, prepares some good sauces and puts a signboard small that announced: tacos. Passed a pair of weeks, the clients they increased then in people liked their tacos, so that day after day they had new visitors more and more, when observing this the gentleman decided to make a signboard greater, with showy lights of diverse colors and abrir by but time their small taquera, moved by the answer that had obtained in so just a short time. A day, unexpectedly visits its son to them of another city, which surprised of the hopes that they had its parents in its business decided to speak with directness on the matter: Nowadays there is crisis anywhere in the world, the companies are closing and people are remaining without use, are not good moment to sell tacos, said, would not have to invest as much money to them in a business without future. The gentleman, saw overcome his optimism by the commentaries: my son is a profesionista and knows that I of businesses much more, thought, so that I will have to be more preservative with the way in which he uses my money. As of that moment, he cleared the showy lights, he diminished the signboard that had used and observed that reason had its son, the sales were diminishing day after day, until this gentleman and their wife, decided to return to their inactivity in the home and to enjoy their retirement instead of to continue penetrating in the complex world of the businesses.