Osdesigners Movement

The forameliminadas curves and preferred the types without serifa, the types were composites in blocosretangulares. The red color was the color preferred in contrast with the black color, revolution poisrepresentava. (MAKKAM, 2009) the efforts of Van Doesburg in the objective to spread out the movement, noforam in go, however the beginning of its decline had it renewal lack doestilo and the search of new ways on the part of the artists. Deficinciasclaramente displayed and intensified in 1925, when Piet Mondrian, dosprincipais names of the neoplasticista movement, resigned public to the DeStijl, had the divergence of ideological character with Theo Van Doesburg, acercado theoretical route to be followed by the one Of Stijl. What, it would be considered studious pormuitos, one of the main determinative factors for its end, em1928, when the magazine that gave name to the neoplasticista movement stopped decircular.