Dog Examinations

For reference. How would you a dog show class not taken, unless it is prepared, it will not be champion. What is required of her in the exhibition: Exhibition Stand. Here, each species has its own stand. Mandatory screening of bite and teeth. Moreover, and you should be able to show themselves properly bite. It […]

Training Ground Handling Dog

When we found this house, not sitting still, always looking for what would sneak a lump of fur named the puppy *, no one thought about the show career. Because it took, how many say "for the soul." And so time passed, the puppy turns into a beautiful dog, and when asked again in the […]


So you've decided to get myself a pet. All discussed and agreed. Shared primary responsibility for caring for animals. Ie, in principle, everything is already decided. It now remains to decide where we take an animal. The first thing that comes Did this go out and buy a pet store or bird markets. But do […]

Corso Dog

Cane Corso became popular because it is perfect in the Merchant satellite rights in the contemporary world. It combines the dedication and extraordinary sensitivity, rapid ponimanimanie rules and regulations, the amazing adaptation to life in urban environments. Cane Corso – perfect for silent but understanding each other. Cane Corso can spend hours to be around, […]