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Training Ground Handling Dog

When we found this house, not sitting still, always looking for what would sneak a lump of fur named the puppy *, no one thought about the show career. Because it took, how many say "for the soul." And so time passed, the puppy turns into a beautiful dog, and when asked again in the sixth, is not placed whether your dog, we decided to find out what it is. Thus, the exhibition. This is an opportunity to look at others and show yourself. This is a report of experienced breeders on their work. Here you can admire the beautiful dogs, socialize with the owners. And now we're going to the first exhibition, pre-registered, puppy class (6-9 months). At the club.

Registration is usually completed within 15 days before the show. We have already imagined the dog will be nice to run side by side, proudly raising his head, the first place, cups, pictures on the cover of the magazine. Nothing like this has happened. The puppy ran as a frantic, strained forward, pulling ringovku. But the judge was gracious to us and gave us the first title * – "the best puppy", but to us it was a shame.

For reference. In the puppy class experts usually do not judge strictly, in the description written motion, the compactness, the behavior of the ring. The time has come to engage with the handler. Selecting the hall near the house, and two sessions a week for half an hour, we started training dogs to shows.

Training a Cat

You have a house cat came! Or cat. And best of all – a kitten. Then in front of you there is a problem – how to teach the pet to walk in their own toilet and not on your pillow and slippers? The younger the cat, the easier it is to teach it to the tray. Need wait to write the cat somewhere, dipping back a napkin and put it in the tray, the cat felt in the tray your scent. The first time will have to shut the cat in the place where the toilet is worth it. That is needed to feed pussy, play with her, hold on the handles – just hold it for a while, and then, especially if the cat begins to worry and look for a place to close it in the toilet (or anywhere else where there is a tray). The cat should be stay there until they go to the toilet (not necessarily in your tray, perhaps the first time next to it). If the cat went into the tray – a must praise it, you can even encourage something, for example, Vitaminka – pussies they are very love! If your cat still goes to the floor – you need to treat the surface "Antigadinom. Teach CIMS dig into the pan, do it yourself its paws. In general, the main thing to believe that everything will and love your pet! The most important thing is not beat the cat – otherwise it will foul you for evil!


So you've decided to get myself a pet. All discussed and agreed. Shared primary responsibility for caring for animals. Ie, in principle, everything is already decided. It now remains to decide where we take an animal. The first thing that comes Did this go out and buy a pet store or bird markets. But do not hurry with this choice. Because we all know that the streets are many homeless cats, dogs and other animals.

I certainly do not encourage you to collect animals from the streets. I calls attention to the source of these problems. Suppose you have a dog or cat and her kittens were born, or puppies. The first thing you do is try to attach them to your friends. If it does not attach to your friends, you place your ad on the site free ad with the headline I'll give I'll give kittens or puppies. If it does not take a majority just throw them on the street. Here they are already homeless.

And some one and not goes such a long way, but simply throwing out directly on the street. So I urge you, before you go out and buy an animal, first look at the site of free classified ads, for example site I'll give I'll take has changed, perhaps it is There you will find your free animal. And you will not have to spend money on its purchase. And a good thing to do. And on the street for one homeless animal will be less. So do not forget to check for free animals to such sites. And do not forget to place their ads. After all, who except you take care of our "little brothers. Also do not forget that the site I'll give I'll take Interchanging ads appear not only about animals and not only about animals. But just give clothes to go around furniture and much more. Even gave the car. Apartment while not really seen …

Corso Dog

Cane Corso became popular because it is perfect in the Merchant satellite rights in the contemporary world. It combines the dedication and extraordinary sensitivity, rapid ponimanimanie rules and regulations, the amazing adaptation to life in urban environments. Cane Corso – perfect for silent but understanding each other. Cane Corso can spend hours to be around, lie at the feet of the host, without interfering with his work. It is worth special attention and conflict Cane Corso in contact with other animals and people, it seems that her dignity does not allow her to sink to small skirmishes. Balanced character of Cane Corso, however, will continued only for as long as the dog does not feel a threat to the host and his relatives. Although it is unusual that a dog that was bred in poor rural areas of Italy, became a symbol of respectability in our time, but there is no doubt that the breed Cane Corso waiting more glorious and celebrated the future.