Ambassador Chile

Brenio Onetto Bachler, maximum, researcher and popularizer of the Chilean parapsychology. Four opportunities I had chat with Miguel about his appreciations and esoteric inputs, their works, everything you learned in India as a diplomat of the Embassy of Chile, their experiences, as well as their contacts, talks with Herman Hesse and Carl Gustav Jung and other renowned writers and researchers of his time. Serrano sometimes attended meetings of the Chilean society, but most of all, to the House of Dr. Onetto who was very friend to talk, exchange ideas, discuss Beethoven, specialty of Dr. Onetto as well as listen to music, and since then, sharing tea with a famous group of person, musicians, researchers and interested in these topics.

Serrano was Ambassador of Chile in Yugoslavia and Austria and as, reminds us, was installed in the Italian Switzerland, in Montagnola, in the old House Camuzzi, where one day also inhabit his friend Herman Hesse. There he devoted himself to writing some of the books in which reveals all his knowledge about esoteric Hitlerism, in addition to having published purely literary works such as Los Misterios or the visits of the Queen of Sheba, which was prefaced by Carl Gustav Jung. It is very true as stated in source, who was also a friend of personalities such as Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, the Dalai Lama or Ezra Pound. . In particular told me many stories he shared in their interrelations with Nehru and Indira Ghandi, personal and very significant since then. As well as his black ring he always used.

It concerns the source an important fact is that since 1980 he lived in Chile, despite declaring that the Kali Yuga is approaching its irrevocable end. At the age of 88 Lucia surrendered him a poetic tribute to the Cerro Santa in the Chilean capital. Wikipedia also gives us about Serrano, which is taken into account, that he belonged to the literary generation of 1938, being known for his extensive work of spiritual quest and nazi mysticism.