El Grand Hotel

Very few people speak nor understand, Spanish and we recommend a book of phrases simple Spanish-Russian is a good idea. Where to go and what to see? Your friend will surely have many good ideas, but here are some suggestions. Kharkov in the East is a large and interesting city with a large University (most of the larger cities have a University) which was at the heart of the program of the development of missile from the FSU. The Centre is very attractive and Kharkov has square more Europe’s biggest. For foreigners Pushkinska and Sumska streets are well worth a visit, there’s even a bar Irish! Also in spring and summer the huge central park is delightful and has many cafes, bars and restaurants and a very lively and crowded ambiento. In the West of Ukraine is Llive, a small beautiful city of great architectural merit, there is a hotel very good and at a good price, El Grand Hotel.

Llive was also the birthplace of one of the most famous poets of Russia, Pushkin. Visitors to Ukraine during the summer months may be surprised to find the temperatures comparable to those in southern Europe! To the South is the pride of Ukraine (and Russia also), the Crimea and we recommend a visit. Simferopol is the capital regional and centrally located to visit the Crimea (Krim in Russian). There is a central and very elegant hotel and well worth a visit, the Hotel Ukraine there is much to see and do in Crimea an area that has witnessed many battles of their landed property during its history and today is still very popular, especially during the hot months of summer with people from Russia. Do to do and see in? Crimean? Too much to describe in this brief article. but try to visit the old city Greek in Sevastopol, or search the ancient castles of the time of the French and Italians, scattered around the region. The testament to the multicultural history of the Crimea. Ukraine is a country of extreme climatic conditions. It can be as cold as minus 40 degrees centigrade in winter and in summer 40 degrees +. Then enjoy your travel and your romantic meeting!