Dreams Come True

Yes, in this way to realize his dream really can not. Well, we'll go another way. Some time in the yard a – 21! Went to the Internet and no boundaries … you or distances. A huge metropolis with nearly two billion people, where there is money and the right people … and practically everything you need to realize your dreams. Only experience, but that'll come.

Well, let us acquire this experience! But first, I warn you, will be either difficult or very difficult or terribly difficult or insurmountable difficulties would be … especially at first. Here are the rules that will help you get closer to the realization of their dreams. As far as close, depends on you. 1. Take the notebook (open vordovsky file on your computer) and describe as detailed as possible.

Your dream. 2. Plan, step by step, the step movement toward your dream. 3. Determine who, where, when, can help You to realize this dream for every "step". 4. Where the "hang" on the Internet are the people who either have a dream similar to yours, or the realization of your dreams can help solve them, these people, problems and needs. 5. Get a blog (You can to start on a free hosting), which describes the detailed path of movement for your dream. Take, for example, "Kiev bum" who thus earned the apartment in the capital in less than 10 months! That's what it means just start to realize their dream! 6. Look for like-minded people in social networks, online communities, discussion forums, in general, everywhere! Share information, ask if you want, ask for help and assistance to those who do not deny you. In this case, let's not sit around my neck! Hangers-on and fans of freebies on the Internet are vast. 7. Do not hesitate to sell their knowledge, for example, in the form of articles. Your personal brand – the shortest way to realize your Dream. Make a name for yourself! Any way we can. 8. Regularly analyze errors and achievements. What led to the achievements and how to avoid mistakes in the future that has already occurred. This should be done regularly, the more the better. Except direct practical benefit from this activity can also be obtained indirectly. If you set this analysis in your "mechtovy blog" is probably traffic will increase many times to you. 9. Try new, unknown to anyone else approaches. Do not be afraid to be a pioneer. "Brave help gods" – this ancient truth has not been canceled and will not call ever. 10. Act fast! The less you wait, the faster will be closer to your dreams! Can come up with a lot of banal, very simple to implement and, nevertheless, effective ways to implement their dreams. Be bold! Dreams Come True! If you have them. And if they sell!