Economic Security

He is ironic that in the corporative world privileges estatus to the economic security, but always the exceptions obtain outstanding levels, thus, the executives who prepared themselves ahead of time for their financial independence and enterprise in many cases they have higher income working in house with minimum costs. People that looks for additional income must to understand that they imperatively need to communicate, in other words, they must to sell, and if in its minds the archetype of the salesman is that one plump one that speak much, is impuntual and very little formal, they must change of idea because the professional salesman evolves in businessman and this one in industralist, is in this whole an implicit process who obeys to an evolutionary scale, in theory. The financial freedom is product of factors like discipline, decision, abilities of communication, knowledge of businesses and financiers, savings, valuation of money, advantage of opportunities, bravery, honesty and others more, but are born with the sincere dominion of primary the basic abilities and from every one. If you are scenic scared, if you do not like to be with people, if do not like to speak you nor to communicate nothing, if you prefer to be only, and schematic and you are organized, surely you were not born for the businesses, which does not mean that you will not be financially free, but wants to declare that in the scope of the personal relations you will not arrive very far, and like the businesses are between people more surely is than descolles in an operative position and not in another commercial one. If it squashes the free time to you or you do not know what to do with him, you do not try to work in house, to decide to do is equivalent to it not to handle one hour of going and another one of return, that is to say, you will have two hours additional to the day very well what you will do with them? , and thus long time more. The free time is a myth very used by certain embaucadores, the certain thing is that financial freedom and free time are antonyms, nonsynonymous. A mature person it will try to take advantage of its time and not to waste it in doing nothing, is quite the opposite than it is sold. If you do not know your abilities, preferences or strengths I invite to discover them to you, but you do not know them and you wish to work in house in to your own I assure you business that you will arrive much more at the goal in time and by far more effort. The world of the businesses is ample and oportuniades every time is majors, for that reason it is fundamental that you have security in same you, because on this depends 50% of your success. In the next delivery of How to obtain financial freedom and to make money with a work in house we will deepen more; dame your commentaries and if you like east article twitea it or please postea it in Facebook. Original author and source of the article