The increases in the prices not only public are taking place in the companies of services. Also they are observed in the rest of the productive sectors although the official permisibilidad responds to other reasons. The companies are bought up to date with the increases of prices. They took the stations on watch with increases average of 5% in the diesel oil and the gasoline. Rise in price of fuels, followed him insurances of automotive (with increases that arrived until 20%), the medicine is pleased (with increases among 9% and 12%) and the private education (with increases that although they were decided in May, they will prevail in the month of August and reach a maximum increase of 36%). Also in the interurban groups, adjustments are expected that will go from 5% to 20% by the application of a new tariff regime. This true marathon of rises of prices that is taking place after the elections in Argentina, promises not to finish there and it will expand towards other sectors of the economy. Thus Argentina will enter a estanflacin situation that can worsen when the union pressures begin (that are other people’s to the reality), by wage increases.

Why the government stays liabilities before this explosion of corrections of prices? Sincerely this position draws attention and obvious it turns out contradictory to the pro-government speech to defend to the social segments of smaller income to put together social justice. The pasivismo of the government does not make another thing that to in the open leave the true situation of the Argentine economy. The inflation is for the government the bad minor. After all, if there is inflation, that does not notice would say who are in charge to manipulate the numbers of the INDEC. The increase of prices takes place in the middle of a panorama of high fragility in the labor market.