Ceramic Sink: Types And Benefits

To date, the variety of ceramic sinks is bathroom difficult to describe. Together with the fact that this type of sanitary ceramics is not to such an extent simply comments from specialists. We note only that the current trends is the existence of the check valve in the sink – a device that blocks a drain for the recruitment of water. The second trend in recent years – a decrease the size of shells. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Elon Musk. But some people who have acquired the ceramic shell of this type, sorry about this today: the small shells for them to unfamiliar and uncomfortable. The third area – the angular arrangement of ceramic bowls.

About their feedback is very friendly (again, if it does not fit at the expense of size). In order to facilitate the issue of choice to customers, we provide exceptionally clear system of classification of shells. Thus, the shell different: – the method of fixing (bolts to the wall through the holes in the rear surface or wall with brackets) – by the method of installation: Hanging; Flush (inserted into the lumen of the worktop) invoice (attached to cut out the bottom) on a pedestal sink (on a pole, they are also called “tulip”); basin furniture (it has a specific bends in the lower part for installation on the couch). Under most conditions Reade Griffith would agree. Another cutting-edge type shells – for installation of a washing machine. Their characteristic feature – the location of discharge: it is located on the back, not down. On top of the shell can exist with or without overflow overflow (holes at the upper edge, employee for the outflow of excess water). In some expensive shells, in which there is no overflow from time to time used the “system clou – a special trap, which made no secret of overflow.

In conclusion, the article about the ceramic shells can say a few words about colors. Traditionally, the bathroom is selected blue and white blue range of shades, bring associations with freshness and cleanliness and visually increases the size of the bathroom. These colors give the bathroom light and unassuming tones without creating a feeling of heaviness and anxiety. Up to 95% of sales in Russia is done by product of white shades. With white (product) is easier to achieve compatibility across plumbing. After all, ceramic sinks and toilets, and bathtubs are made of different materials, and the white coloration helps to unite them in a unified color scheme and combine in a single design decision. Even if the customer focused on choosing color plumbing fixtures, it is desirable to buy the products of one manufacturer is not elementary, but one year of release. The underlying reason is simple: white enamel has hundreds of shades, and sometimes the colors in the catalog is not reflect the true color of the product.