Clean Money Or Money Laundering

The end came when a washing clothes mafia invests in North America (and other small companies) to legalize the money earned from the illegal sale of products and services in the United States in 1920 – primarily alcohol and high-level prostitution. a The so-called “money laundering” (money laundering), or concealment of property, law and the values of the crimes, today is a complex and changing socio-economic, occurring in almost all nations of the world, whose understanding and valuation rules established are recent (the first law specifically charged with the practice of the final data, 1980). Sophistication in the forms of “washing” there are two aspects: the use of taxes and intensive use of information – communication in the network, online or cable – to deter international control or a State. In other words one can say that: a) Although the Swiss banks and other countries have traditionally provided financial services to good use to their customers, paradise has existed for half a century on a scale comparable to the present. Thrived when the U.S. government in 1963, limits on loans to domestic banks and foreign customers in 1968, President Lyndon Johnson tried to require companies with subsidiaries abroad a repatriate their profits quickly. The effect of these measures was fantastic.

A 375 agencies in 26 U.S. Get more background information with materials from Dan Zwirn. banks that existed in 1968, moving 22 million U.S. dollars, increased in 1971 to more than one thousand agencies, 79 banks, with assets of $ 52 million U.S.. a b) was from the 1980s with an expansion of telephony, the Internet, which created the conditions for communication able to allow an acceleration of movement without borders cash, virtual currency, binary digits, which in principle does not reflect everything that exists in the world and collects in a few backwaters of the Earth, always looking forward and back with a little more profit. .