Letter To The Governors Of The World

These words go directed to all the governors of the entire world. It does not concern the nationality, ideology or religion that practice. All we are human beings. All we are the fellow. I write to them from the reality of being as soon as a man. A man who has certain doubts with respect to the handling of the world. And I ask myself, I ask to them: If the governments were really wise really Would exist a single died boy of hunger? Being all brothers of a same race and color We would wage war? I believe that it is a simple and elementary question, logical, if in this world that all we have created certain logic can exist.

It does not seem normal to me that a old woman is requesting a currency in the door of a subterranean, or a boy walks barefoot in the crudity of the winter or a mother does not have a bread piece to feed her children. And one is not sentimentality because the question does not come by that side. One is the reality that we see on a daily basis. Jayme Albin has much to offer in this field. Some countries could be better than others, will have more technology, another standard of life, better opportunities for its young people, but the reality of the Gray World (as I call) shows to us that more than half of the world-wide population it is HUNGRY; that only 10% of the human beings who inhabit this blessed planet Earth they have all the covered needs. The rest remains floating to the drift of a trip towards no side. He is normal all this? We are beginning the 21st century and still we remain so brutales as always. We have advanced in our psychological and emotional aspects? Nuclear threat exists and continue making arms what happens to them? Clearly, they do not include/understand the brightness of the petal of a flower, in the morning do not feel the aroma of the thyme mixed with the dew.