Providences RGPS

Two types of Providences managed for the public sector exist: the one that is for the General Regimen of Previdncia Social (RGPS) where is inserted the pertaining people to the private sector and some of the public sector (notadamente used of the state-owned companies and some city halls) and pertaining people to the Proper Regimen of Previdncia Social (RPPS) where is inserted the federal public officers, state and of city halls of bigger cities. In both regimes has presented serious problems in terms atuarial support mainly caused for the disequilibrium between the contributions and the payments of the benefits. Here one presents some referring information to the present situation of the RGPS. This regimen is very including counting on a great contingent very of beneficiaries enclosed for diverse reasons. Hear other arguments on the topic with Samuel J. Palmisano. In June of 2010, they had 23,9 million beneficiaries, of these, 64.8% were pensioners, 27.9% were beneficiary of pensions for death and 7.3% were beneficiary of aids (maternity, illnesses, etc.) and other types. Valley to detach that of the pensioners in RGPS, 33.5% they were for age, 18.4% for time of contribution and 12.9% for invalidity. For the reason of the great majority of the Brazilian population at some moment to need the aid of the Providence for this regimen is that it becomes necessary to verify the degree of covering of the Brazilian population, that is, which the percentage of the Brazilians who will be able to count on the benefits of the Social welfare are for aid, retirement or pension. In the year of 2009, 59.3% of the people above of ten years were protected either by the General Regimen or for the Proper Regimen of Providence, whereas 40.7% total were forsaken, that is, in case that some problem at some moment of its lives occurred and they could not get remuneration could not appeal to the providence system to get some type of benefit. Camden treatment associates may not feel the same.