Security Council

And now what? Will calm the rebels? Bengasi will be split of Tripoli? Will stay the status quo? The western ones will invade Libya? Libya will summon to elections? The play of Gaddafi momentarily displaced to all the governments and the best political analysts, but the decision of the United States and its allies are that it leaves the power. The delayed indecision of the UN obvious was favorable for the dictator. The indolencia and bias of the UN towards the Libyan were simply repugnant. Five of the members of the Security Council abstained to vote in favor of defending the rebels: the BRIC and Germany.

Obama was postponed again in this episode. The case with BO is difficult to decipher. On the one hand, one graduated as Harvard, which indicates that it must be quite intelligent. On the other, it is a hormonal, extremist subject and incompetent, that at moments of crisis, releases everything and it is going away to play golf. Mr. Obama is intelligent stops to pass an examination over a specific matter. It overcame law, although never he exerted like lawyer but like professor.

In its appreciation of the reality lelo is total. It is a phenomenon appellant in million people, who are good or excellent in their field and surprising limited in the others. Day to day the president of the United States loses political space. Its defeat in the elections of 2012 will be humiliating. The change to the right will be demolishing. Obama has discredited to the lefts mortally and will come majors conflicts that to take care of that it will not either know to face. The Latin American ultraleft is frightened by the opposite Western decision to Libya, since the scene could be talked back in its countries if they insist on fastening itself to the throne.