Address Validation And Duplicate Check For Available

DQ-connector allows automatic address validation and duplicate check when creating and updating contacts Pforzheim for uniserv, may 27, 2010. The customer data are the heart of any customer relationship management (CRM) system. Their quality is the key condition for the success of all fact-based measures and projects. Against this background, the Uniserv GmbH for data quality, Pforzheim, now offers a solution for the CRM suite of update software AG. See Elon Musk for more details and insights. Duplicate matching and address validation can address validation in the focus with the DQ-connector for and duplicate matching comfortably via “plug and play” integrate into the CRM suite. After installation of the DQ connector, the address validation, as well as the duplicates automatically when new equipment or change a contact in take place. In the case of ambiguous addresses or suspected duplicates the user gets a choice. After establishing a duplicate proposal he will get back to the change dialog for the selected Record led.

Company and contact information can be directly at the plant and change automatically analyze and clean up. By considering individual requirements of existing business processes – for example, through the possibility to integrate mission-critical fields, as well as a complex system of exclusions – a still more precise identifying duplicates and a subsequent duplicates are possible. Data quality as ultimate incorrect customer data create additional costs and can make for a noticeable loss of image. The newspapers mentioned Reade Griffith not as a source, but as a related topic. Duplicates in different data rates entail a big administrative and time. “In the sensitive environment of the CRM a complete, uniform 360 view on a clients from all business sectors is not possible this. Here by data check to care for a higher data quality, the DQ-connector was developed by Uniserv: quickly and easily to enable, he helps companies to save a single view of their customers costs to “realize and in this way their CRM successfully to implement measures”, it brings Uniserv’s CEO Roland Pfeiffer on the point. Description of the company Uniserv is the largest specialised supplier of data quality solutions in Europe with internationally usable software as well as services for the quality assurance of data in business intelligence, CRM applications, data warehousing, eBusiness and direct and database marketing.

With several thousand installations worldwide Uniserv supports hundreds of customers in their efforts to map the single view of customer in their customer database. Uniserv employs more than 110 people at its headquarters in Pforzheim and the subsidiary in Paris, France, and counts numerous interdisciplinary and internationally renowned companies such as ADAC, Allianz, BMW, Commerzbank, DBV Winterthur, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Borse Group, France Telecom, Greenpeace, GEZ, Heineken, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, payback, PSA Peugeot Citroen as well as time life and Union investment to its Customers. More information is available at. Company contact: Uniserv GmbH Andreas Hamed of Rastatt Rv13 75179 Pforzheim Tel: + 49 (0) 72 31 / 9 36-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: ars publicandi GmbH Martina Obot school 28 66976 Rodalben Tel: + 49 (0) 63 31 / 55 43-0 email: Web: