Bad Driburg Collection

The autumn – winter collection 2010 jewels by LEONARDO Bad Driburg, August 2010. Inspired by the colours of nature designer Alma Cox has the new autumn Winter collection 2010 jewels designed by LEONARDO. The jewelry of glass in combination with high-quality stainless steel comes as a trendy news, discreet classic basics and timeless classics. Learn more on the subject from MetLife. Warm earth tones, trendy grey and lava stone-black: Collection points the pieces of jewelry in the news as a restrained colour combined talents with fashionable snake motifs, decorative amulets and intricately marbled glass blocks. If you can’t decide, enter multiple parts at the same time.

Because in this case, beauty is actually for sale and the selection of truly seductive… You want nice companion for every day? Then you are exactly correct with the subtle basics. You underline your personality, but not playing in the foreground and perfectly complement the new, sumptuous fashion. Why should we say goodbye to tried and true? You wear what you like, Finally love and often as our popular classics. They are timeless and classy, sensual, and opulent. And time again prove that beauty is not a question of age.

This includes the popular darlin join s, which you can get your own creative. The darlin BBs collection includes a wide variety of bracelets, short and long chain and a wide selection of trendy pendant which can be clipped out. So far, as usual. What makes our collection however unique, is the ability to clip chains using special connectors to other chains or even bracelets. So is a long example of two short chains. From four clipped each other bracelets a chain. Or two, a decorative belt long chains. Combine a wide range of colours and materials such as beads, glass and stainless steel can exactly how you like it best. Are no limits so really their imagination. We hope you enjoy the clip and amazement. The real jewelry jewels by LEONARDO characterized by high quality, hand-cut colored glass and shiny polished stainless steel. In some collections, glass beads from Bohemia are combined, that enrich the design due to its special unique character. jewels by LEONARDO the beginning of a passion. Contacts: glass Cook B. Koch jr. GmbH + Co. KG Isabell Eikel PR Coordinator Industriestrasse 23 D-33014 Bad Driburg T. + 49 (0) 86-468 5253., WorterSee Public Relations Petra Koslowski Friedrich Publisher str. 14 33602 Bielefeld Tel: 0521 32 97 57-0 fax: 0521 32 97 57-19