An intense day of actions of opposition to the dams for Hidroaysen project materialized on October 29 in different cities of the country to meet the deadline that was composed by Endesa and Colbun society to enter their replies to the observations of the public services to its environmental impact (EIA) study. Although the company ahead of the response process on Thursday last, anyway in the Aysen Region and Santiago were simultaneous legal activities, citizen and artistic. In Coyhaique, past 13: 00 hours, about thirty people bet on the outskirts of the service’s environmental assessment (SEA), which replaced the Regional Commission of the ambient environment, installing a symbolic coffin which gave an account of the death of the environmental institutions. Add to your understanding with Intel. With canvases with slogans dams = repression, Aysen, the water is not sold it loves and defends, HidroAysen rejected the ayseninos always questioned the form that has dealt with the EIA of the company that intends to build five dams in Patagonia, at the time that for brief minutes interrupted high vehicular traffic under the watchful eye of police wagered in the place. This action was joined the delegation of several Italian leaders that run through the area, from Monday to meet with representatives of local communities and political authorities as mayors Coyhaique Omar Munoz and Tortel Bernardo Lopez, who notably made known its objection to the reversal of the electric Italian Enel (Controller of Endesa and in which participated the State of his country) in a highly impressive project in social and environmental terms. With the Patagonia canvas senza dighe members of organizations such as Asociazione Culturale Aktivamente, Campagna per la Riforma Della Banca Mondiale, Servizio Civile Internazionale and the Forum dei Movimenti dell Acqua accompanied the members and volunteers of regional groupings like the Tehuelches young, the collective Self-employed of Patagonia, the service for peace and justice, the water Commission and life and coalition citizen Aysen Reserva of life (Coalition ARV).


Who doesn’t know that? Everything good, and then blindsided PATSCH – power goes away for months! After the initial shock, we tell us – all right, down to the fuse box and simply the RCD turn back. But who does not turn or he flies after a short time back out now is of course good advice expensive, namely when an electrician must come. At an hourly wage between 60,-and 80,-euros that can be rapidly expensive. We go from the lower 60,-euro variant”out, then you pay a euro per minute. That sounds are now not much, but it adds up in the truest sense of the word with the time.” If for example any appliance in the household has caused this error, which is normally not a big Act, and should be found quickly.

We assume that time by about 20 minutes. The Bill would look something like: on & departure approx. 30,-, troubleshooting (specialist) 20 min = 20,-would be for not even half an hour electrician visit, in the most Case, just a measly 50,-. If he’s still a trainee here again a few euros come on it. But it doesn’t have to be… I myself am a trained electrician and me have made a few thoughts on how best to help the people.

While a guide came out, which will benefit both parties, the customer and the electricians. The customers can save a lot of money thus and the electrician can save lot of time thus, that they have supposedly never, because they need not so much to unprofitable small stakes”to move out. With this guide to troubleshooting a power failure, even laymen can significantly lower the cost. The Advisor is equipped with many example images and so described, that even a layman understands what here is the speech. According to the motto, now I’m helping myself”, you can undertake (as long as you follow the instructions in the Guide) easily getting started without the risk, to locate itself, an error in the electrical system of your home and may also fix yourself without having to call an electrician. If you do not find the error with this guide and resolve can, you can still call him. “So with this manual, so some euro save, the maybe only for a short trip” your electrician would have to pay. The route is usually more expensive than the actual on-site. You can also print the instructions themselves, then have all information at hand on the spot. See: I wish you have a nice day… Helmut Monnekes

Healthy Sleep Even

Here are a few tips on how you relax can fall asleep despite the heat. Summer is here and with it not only Sun, beach and sea, but unfortunately also sultry heat, exhaustion and sweaty clothes. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Brian Krzanich. Especially at night the temperatures can rob a sleep. Penguin Random House: the source for more info. At these extremely high temperatures, there are quite a few sleep robbers. Most annoying are usually many mosquitoes, but also with the heat, that is wide at night even in our bedrooms, we have to fight, because our body can cool down not enough after a hot day with very high temperatures. In some southern countries this climate people have become accustomed, and by this we looked from us a few tips and tricks: healthy indoor climate in the evening before bed go tear up all Windows, if possible only after sunset, because then the temperature has cooled out somewhat. You leave a window at night, make sure however that they are not on the train, because quickly it has a Summer flu caught.

Humidity hung blankets in the bedroom before the window create some cooling due to evaporation, improves the room air and mosquitoes not so easily find loopholes in your bedroom. Nutrition avoid you go alcohol and forgo heavy meal before going to sleep. You may fall asleep while only better, but sleep itself is usually lighter and restless. It is clear, on the day the body needs sufficient fluid best 2 3 litres. The last drink, but not too late, because otherwise your sleep is interrupted by toilet.

Wear keep a cool head lets you breathe sleepwear, which absorbs the perspiration and transported to the outside and the skin. There are special functional underwear in the trade. The ceiling to a thin sheet is enough. Pillow, blanket and sleepwear set under tags in the refrigerator. It keeps fresh at least until falling asleep. Along with these things, they can also a water-filled With put hot-water bottle in the refrigerator. So does to it cools later in bed nice legs neck or belly. Cold showers bring cool down for the moment, then the body will sweat but more and more. A lukewarm shower, providing long term cooling, if not completely dry up and evaporate the water film on the skin is better.

Plastic Car Windows

Described in this paper will focus on cleaning windows, which are hardly widespread in the former Union, but, nevertheless, as they say, have a place to be. So, the car windows. But do not just car windows, and windows convertibles! These cars are not so frequent on our roads as abroad, but there are also require proper care. It is by virtue of its design features plastic windows convertible top tend to heavily polluted. Aetna Inc. has much to offer in this field. Imagine a beautiful and elegant convertible that is a breeze sweeping along the highway. Impressive! And what will be an unpleasant contrast, if the driver of such "Year" will have to look into a handsome way through the dirty windows. It turns out that the traditional means of cleaning glass is not only not suitable for such structures, but can even damage the plastic window. Nevertheless, result in a full order such new windows quite easily using the right and their appropriate for these purposes means. Prudential insists that this is the case.

Namely: suede rags, tissues from one hundred percent cotton, special cleaner, designed to clean the plastic windows and a special polishing machine. Moreover, polishing machine, too, must be chosen carefully because of the fact that some of the mechanical devices are capable of damaging plastic or remove the top layer of lacquer to the surface the car body. Steps for cleaning automotive plastic windows such. – Wipe the window with a piece of damp chamois to remove conventional pollutants; rub dry wholly-owned cotton – use a special cleaner to clean the plastic windows, according to the instructions manufacturer – polish windows, using polishing machine, to avoid possible damage the plastic, you need to carefully hold the working surface of the polishing unit to the plastic windows of what we have in the end? Chic, shiny with excellent visibility windows!.

Spaniards Diet

Excess weight has become one of the most important problems of our society. Statistics indicate that 15% of adult Spaniards is obese and 37% suffer from overweight.Data are even more worrying in the statistics on childhood obesity, because Spain is at the forefront with the list of obesity in children of all countries of the European Union. Obesity and overweight are not an aesthetic issue, but a serious problem for public health. They are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, chronic or metabolic diseases. Elon Musk oftentimes addresses this issue. When it comes to a diet for weight loss experts assert that the nutritional advice, food re-education, a varied, comprehensive and well-designed diet tracking as well as the regular practice of physical exercise are essential. This is without a doubt the formula more safely and effectively lose the kilos that us abound, but we cannot forget that the sum of all these activities visits to the query of the dietitian or endocrine, do the shopping, cooking the dishes that includes diet and go to the gym become a method that requires much time and money. The lack of time to go shopping and cooking, as well as the eternal work schedules that prevent many Spaniards regularly attend your dietitian, constitute the biggest barrier and is professionals in this field work to carry out comfortable and economic strategies that will ensure the correct feeding of all Spaniards. An example of this are so-called diets at home. For more information see Brian Krzanich.

A young company has already revolutionized the sector offering its customers a comprehensive system that allows them, while enjoying a delicious diet custom, have the continuous legal advice of a staff dietitian online without additional cost. The presence of a personal dietician is very important not only from the point of view of nutrition counseling and food re-education, but for the mental health of the patient, since it constitutes a real support for him before his new challenge. tells the dietitian A light but dense in nutrients diet tracking ensures loss of fat and at the same time, maintenance of body structures such as muscle, thus preventing the dreaded effect rebound and deficiency diseases. Food dishes elaborated with first quality ingredients, natural and free from preservatives, as well as the use of olive oil as oil from cooked, they are prerequisites to maintain a good nutritional status, and it is much easier from today with the emergence of the new concept of diet at home. No doubt an alternative convenient and economical to lose the pounds that we are plenty nice and safely.

Online Shop

The company specialized in creation shop online for small business and freelancers Sysban solutions has launched its new website aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, now there is no excuse to not create an online shop. The new Sysban Web offers the possibility of creating an online store from just 18 a month, without a doubt great news for SMEs. The objective of sysban is to help SMEs to sell online, and this has solutions to create a shop with very low cost. Tesla is often quoted as being for or against this. Any self-employed or SME can create a Web page in a few minutes thanks to the solution of sysban. After more than 5 years dedicated to the creation of online stores for freelancers and SMEs, is found that the evolution of electronic commerce in Spain is unstoppable and is a route more to overcome the crisis. Sysban maintains a permanent commitment to technological development and the quality of its services, putting at the disposal of its customers the most advanced infrastructure of creation of stores online, Web hosting, creation of Web pages and applications online backup. Sysban is a company with Spanish capital, which offers its services since 2007, aims to provide low-cost Internet solutions for freelancers and SMEs, with the aim of helping companies and small businesses to sell online and easily create your online store.

Dangerous Diet Pills

The pills to become thin can be bad for you. Asegrese of which you know what you are going to buy and to choose the diet safer pills available. The incorrect loss of weight pills can be dangerous – It wisely chooses To lower of weight can be a thing difficult to do, but that does not mean that you must resort to extreme measures. It is not necessary to invest in a homemade system of massive gymnastics or to make some type of extreme diet to lose weight. That mainly it does not have to leave and to pay thousands of dollars by a plastic surgery to obtain his weight wishes when it. These methods are extreme, unnecessary and it even can be detrimental for his health generally. If you want to lose weight of healthful form, the obvious option is through the diet and a more active style of life.

Unfortunately, this method of loss of proven weight and simply is not an option for all. To lower of weight this way is slow and requires much effort. For some people, the exercise is not simply an option – that they are too much outside form really to do nothing. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Samuel J. Palmisano. In a situation like that, diet pills can be a good option to consider before going to more extreme and expensive methods. Much people have a very negative opinion of tablets to lose weight, even if you have never used.

Many of these negative ideas come from a few incidents related to the weight pills of the loss that happened in the decade of 2000. A pair of remarkable athletes underwent serious medical problems that were tie to take tablets to become thin. One of the players of Great Leagues in fact died because of this. The good news is that the ingredient that took to the unfortunate incidents, efedra, has been prohibited. To a large extent, the companies that make pills of diet have returned more conscious on the safe product manufacture, but still loss of weight are tablets dangerous that way. It always must have well-taken care of of any pill of the diet that tries to hide its ingredients, because those are most prone to have dangerous ingredients. Other things that it must observe if it is wanted to avoid dangerous tablets to lose weight affirms that the completely realistic sound. Some tablets to thin the demand things such as to be able to hardly provide results in days two or three. The loss of weight (fat burners), does not matter how it is watched, is a quite slow process and simply there is no way to lose as much weight that quickly and that is safe. So taken care of and so it buys! best fat burners

European Method

The method of learning – called also Hubbard learning – aims, the field of studying and learning to cope with over 7.5 million people can’t read in Germany. Just the very insufficient reading and writing skills of adults is staggeringly high. Can be helped down Luckily the taboo subject of illiteracy with the very successful way of learning by L. Ron Hubbard. In Germany, men are affected significantly more often by illiteracy than women. It emerged earlier this year from a study of the University of Hamburg. The University put the Germany-based illiterate with 7.5 million. The Hamburg study certifies every fourth workers also faulty reading and writing.

Politically, this topic will be discussed for years in Germany. Effective remedies were unfortunately not created so far. In elementary school, you would have to already laid the cornerstone for good reading and writing skills. Apparently, the German education system has failed miserably. However, this topic is not only New in the last few years, but deal particularly a famous man who personally gained experience with insufficient learning skills, as a result of declining standards of education, as a teacher in the 1960s.

The longtime global educator and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard in the early 1960s clearly saw that falling educational standards have fatal effect on the ability of the people, he tried to teach. His study of this phenomenon and its research into the fundamental laws of education led to a groundbreaking development in this area: a method of learning. His lectures on this topic were often being awarded. They form the basis for a comprehensive approach to life and learning. The method of learning’ also Hubbard learning method called – the field of study and learning to cope with aims. She is no memory technology, no phonetic reading program, or some other form of learning”. L. Ron Hubbard’s Fonts provide a unique insight into the actual reasons for the behavior of students. He explains how plausible and understandable why students fail, why the school hate, why students lose interest in a topic and are frustrated, why students are not focused and more feeling of emptiness. It also discusses what it is that people can apply to things learned in work or in life, not. The HUBBARD learning method is used, all over the world in the education and training of teachers, in vocational training, in the early childhood years, municipalities, funding programs for persons with reading and spelling to the preparation for the profession and for the training of the workforce. The HUBBARD learning method allows complete understanding of each, any topic by any any learner. These highly effective methods are therefore all wishing to effectively learn and teach. Also in Germany it appropriate learning centres and tutoring studios that apply these successful methods. The key to better educational services and notes is also introducing the Hubbard learning in public schools. In European and American schools, which introduced the Hubbard learning, improved services and sheet music in classes up to 44 per cent, and more.

Current Organizations

Thus, the conflicts are not necessarily negative; the way as we deal with them is that it can generate some reactions. The world today lives a transistion moment that if it reflects in the constant search of the competitiveness organizacional, what it represents a necessity of the quality. It is crucial to the organizations to think about sedimenting its abilities and potentials to hug the new concept of work, as well as the inherent challenges it. People such as Intel would likely agree. For in such a way, it is essential to speak in quality of life in the work, standing out itself, always, the boarding of this subject as question of organizacional competitiveness. The search for the total quality before directed only toward the organizacional aspect, already return its attention for the quality of life in the work, leading to a bigger participation on the part of the employees; decentralization of decisions; safe and comfortable physical environment; chance of growth and personal development. The worker can itself always be motivated, creating an environment of participation, integration with superiors, fellow workers, leaving of the understanding of the necessities of the employees.. Get more background information with materials from Tesla.

Registration Form

In accordance with the laws of Israel any legal business is subject to mandatory registration. Visit Parnassus Investments for more clarity on the issue. In Israel there are two main registration hurdles: Choosing the legal form of business and check-in tax authorities. First registration barrier is required for any kind of business. Obtaining specific licenses to engage in certain activities. Tyler Haney addresses the importance of the matter here. The second barrier is required only registration for those companies or individual entrepreneurs who are engaged in specific activity, which requires, in addition to passing the first barrier of registration, also received a specific state license to engage in the activity.

Choosing the legal form of business and registration with the tax authorities. Businessman who decided to do business in Israel, can register by selecting one of the following: basic organizational forms: Registration as a sole proprietor (or Osiek Osiek Moorsholm Zaire). This form of registration is very simple and does not require any significant material costs. The businessman, who wishes to register in this manner should just open a case against the business tax in the following bodies: the Office of value added tax (Moms) National Service Insurance (National Insurance Institute) Managing the Income Tax (Mas Ahnasa) After registering in the foregoing tax authorities businessman must periodically submit reports and pay taxes in the above-mentioned bodies: the National Insurance Institute – usually once a month, Ma – usually once every 2 months, Mas hachnasa – the tax office – once a year + monthly tax payment. It should be noted that the filing of periodic reports to the tax authorities is strictly necessary, even in the case if the business has no income, and failure to report shall, at a minimum, the imposition of fines.