The Love Of The Husband Stops With The Wife

The LOVE OF the HUSBAND STOPS WITH the WIFE Natanael V. Blacksmith the most beautiful flower In the garden did not find, the star radiating In the universe did not sight, Between the rocks cultivated In the ribeiro I was to walk, and thinking I could see That I was born to love you. In the palace of a king I was invited to enter, In the firing room of the north Then I was there to rest, On the hemp finssimo my hair had so rested, Then I remembered its hands That in my hair had thus touched. Amongst thousand of maidens Between them I did not find, Somebody formosa as you That one day I contemplated, With infinite wealth could not buy you, Therefore in you the great feeling has something bigger to love. If you Ahead reward were it of battalions, In the hearts you would have Great illusions, Therefore if I was a soldier I could thus believe, That you would be loved mine and that with me she would go to live; Then thus I would fight Against many battalions, Its heart would conquer and win indetermination, the stations I can move Bringing rain and forts winds, But you are me to shelter At the most complex moments.

The Pachamama

From the inauguration of the event, that finalizes today, Morals denounced the historical debt of Capitalism with the Mother Earth, we only have two ways: The Pachamama (Mother Earth, in aymara) or the death. Capitalism dies or dies the Mother Earth. Capitalism lives or lives the Mother Earth. That forceful the Bolivian president expressed itself, Evo Morales, during the inauguration of the world-wide conference in Tiquipaya with the social participation of indigenous towns and movements. It denounced the historical debt of Capitalism with the global heating and indicated that they will be the indigenous towns that show how to save the Mother Earth, according to Azkintuwe. In this day, colombiaaprende., contributes mainly, that the Day of the Earth invites the people, but to the Governments, to make decisions and to create laws that base the care of the Planet.

The governors are many who, from 1970, have worked in Pro to the environment, trying that to diminish the serious effects that the humans we have caused on the same. The Earth maintains the course of the life for billions of years. Everything what the man needs to survive comes from the nature, in addition is not the unique existing species, thus have forgotten many it. We share everything what the Earth offers to us with the other species, but we refused to respect those other service lives. Although the panorama is complex, still we are in time to obtain a change.

The Earth needs many hands, between those yours. Thinking about this, we have created a series of advice who will help you to protect the planet without leaving your house. It shares this information with your family and friendly, already you will see that if all we collaborated, the Earth will see beneficiary. It uses saving small pumps (Algeno), because energy consumes 80% less than than an incandescent one. Although it seems the opposite, a water escape, even a small drop, can waste up to 13 liters of water to the day. Asegrate to fix them as soon as it is possible. If your family goes away of trip, tries to leave empty, disconnected and clean the refrigerator, with the open door so that fungi and bacteria do not form. She avoids to buy ” ambientadores” , The best thing is to ventilate the rooms and to put plants with aromatic natural flowers. Acostmbrate to use reloadable batteries or batteries in all the apparatuses require that them. They cost more, but to medium term they are much more profitable and they help to restrain the environmental deterioration. It avoids to buy aerosols or spray in whose composition gases take part clorofluorcarbonados (CFC), which affect the ozone layer. The refrigerator far from the stove or of some other source of heat locates, therefore the motor strives less and consumes less energy. It uses a gas stove instead of an electrical one, thus will save until a 70% of energy. If frost forms, defrosts the refrigerator before the layer reaches 3 mm of thickness, otherwise its consumption will increase until a 30%. You do not leave the key open while you cepillas the teeth. A glass with water is sufficient for the dental cleaning.

Store Online

I dedicate to the design Web for relatively just a short time, but already I have been able to create some store online and to observe results. It draws attention to me that people usually concentrate in obtaining a quality store, to obtain to traffic and positioning; being spent it grazes in publicity coverall in campaigns of announcements like those of the great G (AdWords) and if, that this very either, is the more, would say that he is vital to be able to obtain benefits by Internet, but a small detail is forgetting to him a store online works badly or or following the same parameters by which one tends physics, that is to say, but you offer one of the traditional advantages of any physical store, by very good that it is your positioning, by much traffic that it generates you will not finish taking off. And all you preguntais that as Piense is the traditional advantages a little, You because to buy in store X of its city? , the answer would have to be: Because they handle a very good price, because they own great variety of products, because they are specialized in something specific and you know that you found what you look for, etc Therefore, first (and I stress first) that you must do if you are arranged to mount a Store Online is responderte this question: Why people would want to buy in my store? What advantage I offer? Price, variety, specialization, comfort? You must know, that the products that You also sell are going to play their role. That is to say, it is not possible to be tried to be successful with a Store Online if in each street is a physical store that sells just like You and to better price..

Become Thin

Many people have nowadays become employees from pills of diet to undo of the excessive corporal weight. The pill consumption for the diet is more advisable than going through rigorous exercises. Many companies are courting to the possible buyers with the aid of the attractive publicity. We would be interested? in participating in the physical exercises to strengthen our abdominal biceps and when he is ready to use tablets to become thin they are available? More than the sixty percent of the Americans they are obese. It is the reason for which the industry of the pill of the diet is blooming to an alarming rate in the United States. Can these tablets to become thin can trust? So effective what are these pills of diet in the reality? You can really undo of the excess of fat and the control of the fat accumulation in the body with the aid of these tablets to become thin? Nevertheless, you can really lower of weight with the aid of these pills. present ingredients in the pill of the diet increase the rate of metabolism, that lead to the reduction of the corporal weight.

The appetite can even be controlled easily with these tablets to become thin. Nevertheless, of the availability of so many varieties, one takes control difficult to select a pill of particular diet. Whereas the election of a pill of the perfect diet for you, you must consider these in the mentioned points. Capacity to increase the rate of metabolism – a pill Chooses, that has a higher metabolism. If the rate is higher, the excess of fat in your body burns more express. The tablets to thin that they contain green tea extracts, lipoico alpha, L-carnitine, etc are known for being very effective and to determine the rate of metabolism.nnSuppression of appetite – diet tablets, that reduce the appetite lie down to be very effective.

A sensation in the brain is created, that makes you think that the stomach is full. In this way it avoids that it enters the meals and therefore aid to reduce weight. Cork of calories – the obesity happens when the ingestion of calories much more that the burning fire of calories. It always chooses the tablets, that have the capacity to restrain the consumption of calories. Phaseolus vulgaris can help to maintain the calories under its control much. Booster metabolic – tablets to become thin that they contain lipotrpicos elements help to reduce the fat of the body. Like a street cleaner, who eliminates all the unnecessary fats of the body. fat burners All these methods already have been proven in several experiments in different clinics. Nevertheless, it remembers that the diet pills not only can help to lose weight. It is better so that you participate in the light exercises and an suitable diet, along with the tablets to become thin. Test this and without a doubt will have one more a healthier life. best fat burners


UNIASSELVI Full Licenciatura in Geografia (GED-0611) Sociology Generality and of Education 09/05/2009 SUMMARY The violence in youth is something that comes gradual increasing to each day, according to studies, this phenomenon these on directly social and economic inaqualities of the society. The violent people are in all place, house, transit it, the streets, in the schools, at last violence generate each time more violence. Word-key: Violence, Youth, School. 1 INTRODUCTION According to definitions of the word violence, one understands that any type of abuse or use of the force against some person is characterized as violence act, but this is not the only type of violence, still has the verbal, moral and even though pedagogical violence . Some presented data point that the number of involved young with the violence, not> Violence: 1. Quality or character of what he is violent; 2.

Abuse of the force; 3. Tyranny, oppression; 4. Violent action; 5. Physical or moral constaint; 6. Any force used against the will. (RIVERS, p.547, 2007) The violence is a estruturante component of the Brazilian society, as well as the idea that the poor persons do not need social politics and yes of punishment.

Thousands of children die in the peripheries and at least they are notified, therefore the press that we have is the classroom press. This violence if opposes the ethics because it treats rational and sensible beings, endowed with language as if they were things, beings> irrationals. It is in this territory that we must act as progressive educators, therefore relations are being constructed between diverse citizens that interact in the school. We must act so that the school if opposes in fact to the banalizao of the violence and refuses the politicalizao of the problems also faced for the school.

Sustainable Society

To construct the sustainable society, one becomes necessary to define common intentions, on which the rules of the certain direction of individual or collective actions, of any level, are based on the ethics, justice and the equity. Who constructs this society is small actions of each citizen, reflected in popular movements, lead for visionary leaders. Durant portraies which perfectly is the small actions that construct a civilization: The civilization is a river with edges. To the times the river is full of blood that comes of the people who are if killing, stealing, crying out and making things that the historians costumam to register. Meanwhile, in the edges, without being noticed, people construct houses, make love, create children, sing songs, write poetries and until they sculpture statues. The history of the civilization is history of what it happened in the edges of the rivers.

To the measure that a society if establishes on the social, economic equality and politics and on resources you renewed and you recycle, more support produces. In certain measure, it can until using sources you did not renew, but, if making, that it is in rational way without harming the future generations. Of this form, to be sustainable, any enterprise human being must be ecologically correct, viable, economically socially just and culturally accepted. An example clearly of sustainable society is the style of aboriginal life, that if bases solely on sources renewed of energy, basically the photosyntheses. These communities do not use fsseis fuels, and the firewood is used in sustainable way. Visible destruction of the environment does not occur, therefore it adaptam. Group lives in idyllic way for the sustenance it, highly structuralized by means of the abundance of fruits, hunts and fishes. Straw habitations of and wood live in coarse that are displayed to the time. They do not have idea of property nor social desires of distinctions and vanities.

Economic Theory

To reach objectives, the players pass for a process decomunicao intra and intergrupal, where he is demanded of all usarhabilidades as: 1. To hear, to process, to understand and to repass information; 2. To give and to receive feedback from form accomplish; 3. To disagree with courtesy, being respected the opinion of the others; 4. To adopt cooperation positions; 5.

To yield space for the colleagues; 6. To move of opinion; To treat conflitivas ideas with flexibility and neutrality. The use of games of companies if became each more present time American nasuniversidades in 1963, a study of the University of the Texasmostrou that the majority of the schools dedicated 40% of the time of the course dePoltica business-oriented to the case studies, 30% to readings and 20% to the osjogos of companies. Had to the positive results, its use extended others to it areas, arriving at Brazil with total force in the decade of 1980. The primeirosjogos that had appeared in Brazil had been translated, and the eramimportados models. Currently, already teams of professional econsultores exist developing simulator that they portray with fidedignidade Brazilian enterprise situations asprincipais. Objectives of the Games of Companies 1.

Training: to develop in the participants the ability of tomardecises through the exercise and experiences in a simulated environment, toparecido how much possible to the environment in which the same ones will have that serrealmente played; 2. Didactic: to transmit specific knowledge (knowledge, techniques and instruments) of the field of practical and experimental the Business administration of ummodo; 3. Research: using the scene propitiated for the game of companies comoum laboratory stops: to discover solutions for enterprise problems; to clarify and to test aspects of the Economic Theory; to search aspects dTeoria of the Administration and to investigate the egrupal individual behavior in conditions of taking of decisions under time pressure eincerteza; 4. Practical that they stimulate performance increases; 5.

Latin America

While to the impeditive factors for enterprising activities, only 32% of the interviewed ones had assumed to have in the fear a factor hinders that them to create its proper business. The enterprising attitude of Brazil, pertaining to the category efficiency-driven, presents the sixth bigger TEA (Tax of entrepreneurs in the initial period of training) of the category, in the value of 15,3%. Brazil is distinguished for having as characteristic trace a considerable stability, keeping a percentage of TEA around 13% between 2001 the 2008. In relation to the discontinuity Brazil presented a reduction in the index of 2009, that he was 5.9%, in comparison with the previous years. The main reasons of the discontinuity of the business had been the financial problems, difficulties in obtaining loans and low profitability. In what it refers to the enterprising aspirations Brazil adopted a shy position, with HEA (Index of High Performance) in the value of 0,5%, behind practically all the considered countries of Latin America in this analysis.

Little more than 50% of the entrepreneurs do not possess hope of creation of ranks of work in the stated period five year, becoming the year of 2009, one of the most limited in this criterion. In relation to the capacity of creation of new products or services for the entrepreneurs, Brazil revealed with one of the lesser indices of newness between all the participant countries, little more than 15%. In the criterion intensity of the competitiveness, the Brazilians had shown to be unaware of its niche of market correctly, therefore 95% of the interviewed ones had said to be submitted to some form of direct competition. Of these around two submitted teros then to much competition. As specialists the shy global results reached by relationary Brazil if directly with the absence of politics governmental effective of support to the entrepreneur, the lack of basic education and superior education. Soon for the reinforcement of the empreendedorismo Brazil must adopt politics to enable the entrepreneurs, supplying information techniques regarding the market, improving with this its positioning in its niche, moreover must simplify the procedures and regulations of legal nature, stimulating of this form an enterprising position on the part of the Brazilians. REFERENCES DORNELAS, Jose Carlos Assis.

Empreendedorismo: transforming ideas into businesses. 3. ed., rev. current e. Rio De Janeiro: Elsevier: Campus, c2008. AXE, Joana Paula et al. Empreendedorismo in Brazil 2009. Curitiba, IBQP: 2010.


In the educational scope it was not different. However, the democratization desire was to the little abandoned one and substituted for quality yearnings, having this a happened conception of the enterprise world and reflecting the interests of the ruling class, after all, a democratization does not correspond to the characteristics of the capitalism. The world of the businesses if became reference for all the actions of the man; everything turns around the logic of the market, that said the rules of the game thus the ruling class dominates each time more and believes that the quality of the professional reflects in the product quality, thus reflecting in the amount of the profit. As Snows (2007) the education proposal neoliberal is the proposal of the Brazilian bourgeoisie and its allies. This proposal, formulated and stimulated technique and financially for the international organisms for the underdeveloped countries …

… the pertaining to school education, in all the levels and modalities of education, starts to have as purposes to spread out and to sediment, enters the current and future generations, the enterprise culture, what it means to eticamente conform them technique and eticamente to the occured qualitative changes in world-wide level in the social relations of capitalist production … … the pertaining to school education if would destine, then, to prepare for the simple work and the complex work to give account of the biggest scientific rationality required by the current period of training of organization of the work … With regard to the education of quality, such perspective understands as something that must be granted who will have half to assure it, not as right of all. … The great strategical operation of the neoliberalismo consists of transferring to the education of the sphere of the politics to the sphere of the market, thus questioning its character of right and reducing it its condition of property.

Corso Dog

Cane Corso became popular because it is perfect in the Merchant satellite rights in the contemporary world. It combines the dedication and extraordinary sensitivity, rapid ponimanimanie rules and regulations, the amazing adaptation to life in urban environments. Cane Corso – perfect for silent but understanding each other. Cane Corso can spend hours to be around, lie at the feet of the host, without interfering with his work. It is worth special attention and conflict Cane Corso in contact with other animals and people, it seems that her dignity does not allow her to sink to small skirmishes. Balanced character of Cane Corso, however, will continued only for as long as the dog does not feel a threat to the host and his relatives. Although it is unusual that a dog that was bred in poor rural areas of Italy, became a symbol of respectability in our time, but there is no doubt that the breed Cane Corso waiting more glorious and celebrated the future.