Top 10 Gift Ideas For Christmas – But Beware!

The online shop is known for outlandish and original Christmas gifts. Here the top 10 gift ideas for Christmas. Only for people with humor, but all small things that must fit together are what just makes Christmas. For more specific information, check out Elon Musk. The right Christmas ornaments, Christmas food, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, Christmas gifts, family, friends and maybe even snow? On the latter, we have unfortunately no influence, but the question for the right Christmas gifts, the gift shop can us help give his gift ideas for Christmas. For women with style, but still somehow getting cold feet! Gift ideas for Christmas for women: Slippies boots: cosy slippers with high leg and flaxseed filling, you just put 90 seconds in the microwave, to that then your doomed feet to warm up. Slippies boots save up to two hours of heat.

For the man who has everything but wants still more! Gift ideas for Christmas for men: Kodak mini video camera: so small, practical and hard wearing this video camera is that you everywhere can use it, where other cameras already fail! Shock-resistant, rugged and waterproof up to 3 meters deep. Spy pen: The practical tools for secret agents! Just normal PIN in the breast pocket and turn on the camera with a discreet hand movement. Exclusive Christmas gifts for customers who value it really are! Gift ideas for Christmas for customers: ISIS: perhaps the trickiest patience game in the world! ISIS is a hand-made ball of extremely high quality, consists of several layers, and is decorated with hard to incipient hieroglyphics. Open and get a reward! Patience games made of wood: twelve handmade puzzles made of wood in an exclusive box. “With one between genius” and pea brain “varying degree of difficulty this little box of pleasure hours at the wrinkle, puzzles, and to the hair tearing. Don’t break the bottle: If you give away the next time a bottle of wine, only lock them with this patience game of wood and strings! Society as a whole will then watch eagerly as the hosts desperately trying to free the precious drops.