Turkish Bath is renowned for its healing properties. It can not only cleanse the body and recharge the body, removing fatigue, but also get rid of various diseases. Visit to the hamam is useful for people of various age. Construction of Turkish baths and visit them in the future – this is a whole system of traditions, which are quickly assessed and adopted in many countries around the world. And Russia is no exception. Today, the construction of Turkish baths in Russia carried out a large number of companies who have huge experience in the construction of a hammam. Construction of a Turkish bath starts with developing the project.

It will help avoid disappointment on the result construction and will provide the building just such a way you want it presented, subject to the slightest wishes. Much attention is paid to the interior hamam, since he, ultimately, creates the unique atmosphere of a Turkish bath, which attracts people for many years. As with any sauna, steam bath has its own characteristics. Construction of a Turkish bath is an excellent option for those who do not accept too high temperature. Pairs in the Turkish bath is mild and humid, in addition, much softer than, for example, in the Finnish sauna. Turkish bath generally contains five rooms. The first room is a locker room, in which a person heated for toggo to visit the rest room, whose temperature increases from room to room. Construction of Turkish baths require builders of experience and knowledge of all the necessary nuances.

One important moment is the construction of the ceiling, which has a dome shape. This form is used to condensate could smoothly run down the walls of the bath and not drip from the ceiling. Construction of a Turkish bath includes the most different ways of finishing. Traditionally, the design of the inner part of premises used marble. Today there are many kinds of marble and mosaics, which serves to emphasize the individuality of each project Turkish bath and does not limit the scope of fantasy in interior design.