Original Decision

This is very important because you would not be ” amarrado” to a pre-established negotiation condemns that it to nonchangeable certain lineamientos. 3. It must have much taken care of with the person who sells the policy to him, must be professional of insurances, broker or ” agent cautivo” of the insuring company. It is possible to feel swindled by an intermediary, thus must make his own investigation before making a decision. You must have the freedom of being able to change, to clear, to omit, to add, whichever benefits are in his policy, clearly as long as the type is allowed it of certainly acquired What he does not have to do 1.

He does not have to buy a policy that does not establish the terms and conditions clearly which must have it with legible and understandable letter in writing, as well as after acquired this does not have to replace it by a new one until the previous one does not have use 2. He does not have to make a decision if he is not convinced than he goes to do. In that case he is preferable to hope or otherwise he upon maturity acquires a policy, which allows ” him; flexibilizar” its decision and not to acquire one in the long term. 3-NO must after acquired a determined policy, to replace it by a new one until the previous one has use. You and his family needs the best decision.

Tmese its time, does not have to make any decision if it does not have it completely defined. It consults with his family, her pair, its children, their relatives generally. It consults with his pillow. Hgale all the questions required to the person is going who it to take care of with the application of her policy and reads all the documents at great length. We are expert in helping it, we want to be their agent for all the life. Consltenos the doubts that it has.