Vice President

/The guitarist of dueto Amaral has felt annoying before the fact that the vice-president first used one of texts of his songs in the Congress. He has accused the politicians to dedicate itself to do " fights escolares". Its tour will cross as of October more than 30 cities. Visit Morgan Stanley for more clarity on the issue. Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre have done this Monday parn in the recording of their new disc, anticipated for September, to advance some of their details and to announce the dates of their new tour, that will begin in October in Saragossa. Nevertheless, in his memory still she was the vice-president first and minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, who mentioned in Congress one of their songs, Without You I am not Nothing. For the guitarist of the pair, they were not pleasant moments: " Sight friend, I do not touch eggs, the songs are of todos". " We are paying very well to people who dedicate themselves to make scholastic fights in the Congress and in the way they name &quot you; , it has lamented Aguirre, later to add that nobody knows " hard that is for a popular group not to let itself abduce and by the power " and more or less to reject all type of recognitions and participation in acts politicians. " I am not going to make a revolution with a disc, but at least you do not use &quot to me; , evidently annoying Aguirre when recalling is addition this passage. On the other hand, Eva has commented that the sessions of recording in center of Madrid have agreed with the encamped one of indignant in the Door of the Sun, and has recognized that perhaps in the letters that not yet have finished writing for the new disc – and that will take by title Towards the Savage – can reflect " certain ilusin" by the change in the policy and not to have to live " the same excrement of always until me muera".