City Government

On the one hand, the minimum age for employment recommended internationally is 15 years, on the other hand, the number of children under 10 years incorporated into the labour force, far from being insignificant, virtually all statistical information concerning child labour refers to the 10 to 14 age group. Business hours for an adult are usually eight hours a day, what they mean 32 a week; a minor who live in extreme poverty works 41 hours, 34 are for a teenager of not poor home. The fate of the resource which a child gains varies according to family stability. If the boy lives with his parents or at least one of them, your income is used to pay for necessities such as clothes or school supplies. On the contrary, when they live in a House, without any direct kinship, his salary is intended to cover your feeding, even other household adds, is a painful reality that is under our noses and we intend to ignore. We see girls doing domestic work without benefits and at the whim of when their patterns run them without liquidation even, occasionally pregnant by the junior.

Even in the garbage of the City Government trucks appear, although they were not recruited openly by the authorities, their guardians who hold the post collect garbage House-to-House to earn a gratuity and leave children receiving boats in the truck, sometimes it seems the weight WINS them but they manage to do their job. Others are in unhealthy conditions collecting garbage to get to the taco, many prefer to pretend do not exist except when them insult you, because they ensuciaron them the truck trying to clean them the windshield. In the national survey of Employment are not included, which if by that fact there was already no child labour in Mexico, highlights the text.