Electrical Installation

The engine and generator are fixed to the frame via dampers. The generator is electrically connected to a flexible conduit frame. At the corner of the reference frame has a bolt to connect the ground wires. Launch generating sets and engine warming produced at the position of the handle 2 motor control at 1 / 4 … 1 / 3 full speed all the way from the top (the original position – PI). Exit at full throttle mode by moving control knob all the way down.

Tuning frequency current produced by the propeller. When you rotate it counter-clockwise current frequency increases with clockwise rotation – is reduced. To stop generating sets, you must install the control knob to the position of MG, work out 1 … 2 minutes and close the choke on the carburetor engine. Then, the control knob should be put in the IP. Emergency stop generating sets produced by closing the choke carburetor engine. After the engine stop control knob should be set to IP. In the most recent editions of the CD 5PE engines installed "Stop" button.

Before 1990 generating sets released 2g AB 2T/230 VPM and VPM AB 4T/230 ZZH with driving gasoline-powered DM 15 and DM 25. They are still used in the railway network of the country. These generating sets, as described above, have a block structure, articulated petrol engine with a generator with an aluminum flange. A single unit mounted on a tubular frame with four rubber bands. Mounted on the generator control unit with devices launchers, and a compounder regulatory resistance. Portability of the unit to produce a short-range forces of the two men. The unit can move one rail of railway track by two rollers mounted on the frame. Under the Regulations for Electrical Installation in mobile power is not recommended to ground the neutral of the generator. For safety reasons, the case of power tools have (with the fourth conductor power cable) in constant contact with a grounding device, the power plant. Ensure that the recommended grounding resistance 20 ohms at operating conditions is difficult and often impossible. Other ways to improve security (using the tool on 36 or motors with double insulation) due to technical complexity and cost far more in the production of no application. In connection with the those at the factory together with SIC COP (Obninsk) is designed and manufactured protective tripping device (RCD Zhou USP). Depending on the scheme can provide Zou control of isolation phase control fault ground, to make off with a decrease in insulation resistance below the permissible limits and thus prevent the development of emergency operation. For benzoagregatov types AB 2 and AB 4, as can be Zaw used the device with the simplest scheme. In contrast to conventional power generating set, equipped with Zoe, immediately terminate power supply in the following cases: reduce the insulation resistance below a pre- preset value, including power, cable and connected power tool;