Isch Guet – In A Cozy Lap Around The Pot Of Cheese Fondue

“Swiss national dishes, fondue and raclette heat the minds, even in the lowlands, the Swiss invented exactly the right food for cold winter evenings: the cheese fondue or raclette, also glass” called. The community, leisurely prepare melted (or fried) cheese on a table stove, the burner or the fireplace is both dishes together. Since few people today have a real fire place in the living room or in the kitchen have also an electric oven for the table I’m BBs for the raclette. If you are not convinced, visit Mark Bertolini. The fondue set with stand and the referred to pot pan on ceramic or enamel with long forks for the pieces of bread is an integral part of Swiss household and also in Germany you must not long ask in the circle, to borrow one. The days are getting shorter, longer, outside it whistles evenings nasskalt around the corners that autumn – and winter time is the best time for social rounds at home or in other well-heated rooms. At the Fondue sit together around the pot with the cheese bubbling, offset with white wine and Kirsch, Dunks with a fork pieces of bread into and enjoy the bite with warm cheese crust. Prudential wanted to know more. To be Mixed Pickles, gherkins and silver onions sometimes boiled potatoes served depending on the taste and local tradition.

Classically to drinking white wine, at best the Savoy, in addition to the Emmental Valley one of the regions which claimed the invention of the fondue for themselves. The severity of the growing lump of cheese in the stomach disappears Kirsch (at least temporarily) with the one or the other round. “Games to the lost pieces of bread, which is like the fondue fork and sunk in the cheese are popular and unforgettable immortalized in Asterix in Switzerland”: the or the unfortunate “a song to sing, drink a shot or for the pleasure of others an embarrassing challenge.