Motorized Blinds

Curtains help to define the character of your decoration, manage your privacy and eliminate reflections of the Sun. If you are thinking about changing them would had occurred you ever can be motorized and automated? In this way, your well-being and the style of your home will increase for a long time. Roller blinds, Venetian blinds from inside, folding curtains, traditional curtains, Japanese panels all types of curtains have their motorized version. You only need to remember that it should be prior to its installation, because once assembled, it is very difficult to pass to motorized.Of course, this affects only the mechanism and type of curtain, the design is totally free, you can choose which best fits the style of your home. How does the roller blind mechanism?It is completely invisible: on the same shaft which rolled fabric incorporates an operator that communicates via wireless (wireless) with a remote control or wall-mounted control point. Only need a point light near the curtain. Some manufacturers, like Somfy, they have a range of 100% wireless systems, i.e.

need not point of light to the installation of motorized blinds.The mechanism runs on batteries, not to be needed any work or electrician for installation work, so they are more affordable. In fact, they are so simple to assemble as a manual estor with cord (15 minutes). In the case of Venetian blinds, the mechanism is in the top drawer, also hidden from view. In these cases, most systems permit, in addition to raise and lower automatically, orient the slats. Somfy has a remote control to guide the ergonomics of a computer mouse. In traditional curtains and Japanese panels, the rail is part of the motorization system.

The advantages of this type of systems are, in addition to the obvious comfort of moving curtains and creating environments with a single keystroke, the greater control of natural light and the possibility of incorporating automatic functions as lower the curtains when light or in a room temperature reach set levels. In this way, furniture, carpets, etc. are protected solar wear and also helps to save energy! How? Very simple, protecting from the Sun’s rays with maximum precision thanks to sensors, stays fresh interior, without the need for extraordinary expenses in air conditioning. Today, motorization systems have come a long way, offering silent, long-lasting and with advanced performance solutions. Motorization allows a drive clean and soft, without leaving marks of hands, and avoids the danger of entanglements with cords. At the moment, the motorization is widespread in hotels and offices, but each time with more households who want to incorporate a point of modernity and sophistication to your decor. The auspicious popularization of systems for blinds that increasingly more users want to incorporate the same benefits to curtains, sometimes controlled from the same remote!