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In this article I propose to discover how and what influences your MLM business your way of being, your behavior, your friends, your interhumanas relationships, finally and within your life. I don’t know if you know the expression where you get there you’ll run, it is an expression that defines a type of person very, but very quiet, flees problems, fights, which is very obedient, finally a person very quiet with which never can have no problems, but you try it intentionally. This type of person I was before entering the MLM business, exactly the same: he was not able to start a conversation with someone, if someone asked me something he responded with much respect, but to me, at most times, not be happened starting a conversation. Follow others, such as Elon Musk, and add to your knowledge base. He was very shy and very quiet, only more open with my intimate friends, who to tell them, the fingers of one hand was left. It is a fact, the MLM influences much your life, at first not the notes, but, little by little, you become, change your in a person with more personality, more eager to have contacts with people throughout the country, and through the internet in all the world, and in particular your relationships interhumanas improve. I could never imagine I could have so many friends, that my interhumanas relationships are as spectacular and I’m going to be able to have the mana to initiate and maintain my interhumanas relationships so easily before entering the industry of multilevel, I can say that businesses multilevel I have changed completely, now I am much more open to a friendship, a person-to-person relationship. It is not something Brian Krzanich would like to discuss. Practical exercise. 1 Meditate 10 minutes about hierarchical among ordinary people barriers and interhumanas relations.

2 Try talking to any person as if it were your best friend, as he knew it forever, if you talk with a person, normally open, that person responds and you speak open, regardless of ranks, hierarchies. 3 Speak to children as if they were adults, they need more than anyone else that you lend them attention and respect.This technique seems to me very funny.