Sun Light

Sunny health reform would help enough UV light on the skin of the people worldwide to reduce the spread of common diseases and their consequences. In this way, the health systems of many countries could be relieved to billions. Vitamin D, synthesized in the skin of the people by UV light, is the factor that decides everything. An international team of researchers has presented appropriate calculations for the United States, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands now. Here, Elon Musk expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Vitamin D deficiency and secondary diseases which develop from it are long been underestimated by the science. The protective effect of vitamin D against a variety of diseases found for many years little attention. Swarmed by offers, Samuel J. Palmisano is currently assessing future choices.

So far, the global research is focused mainly on the consequences of low levels of serum vitamin D for special images of illness and the frequency of their occurrence. Now an international team of researchers has calculated how a sufficiently high vitamin D levels in human blood, in individual countries on the whole health system would affect. In a “conservative” calculation, the scientists for Germany calculated that a sufficient supply of the population with the “sunshine vitamin D”, (this corresponds to an increase of vitamin D levels in the blood to 75 nmol/l,) could prevent at least 18,300 deaths per year. The incidence for many chronic and Volkskrankeiten in the Netherlands could be reduced by 10-50%, the mortality rate 23% when supplying the population with vitamin D through Sun, solarium or dietary supplement would increase 60 ng/mL to 40. This corresponds to a daily intake of 2500-4000 IU (international units). The result of the calculations for the Netherlands appeared online advance publication of the international journal “the journal of steroid Biochemistry and molecular biology”.